Final Fantasy Legend Nobuo Uematsu on Indefinite Leave due to Health

by Sammy Chan
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Nobuo Uematsu, who composed a large portion of the Final Fantasy soundtracks, will be taking an indefinite hiatus. The 59-year-old hailing from Kochi Prefecture is most likely the man behind your favorite FF soundtracks such as “One-Winged Angel” and the epic score in FFXIV. His latest blog entry states that he will be taking the rest of the year off due to health issues and “fatigue”.


Like previously mentioned, Mr. Uematsu is responsible for several iconic soundtracks in the FF franchise. Classics like ‘Battle at the Big Bridge’, ‘Aerith’s theme’ and ‘One-Winged Angel’ were all composed by him. One-Winged Angel, especially, would be greeted by extravagant applause whenever it would be performed in concert. Aside from the Final Fantasy franchise, Mr. Uematsu has also contributed scores to games such as “Blue Dragon”, “Chrono Trigger” and other Square Enix franchises.

Heart-Warming Support

Nobuo Uematsu has shared his blog post on his Facebook page, which was met with overwhelmingly kind support from fans.

If you visit the post, you can see that Uematsu-san is truly an influential figure among people all across the globe. It is somewhat heartwarming to see the usually toxic gaming community united in support of a common legend. We at BiS wish Uematsu-san a speedy recovery, and take it easy!

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