Sony just added a dandy new feature to PlayStation Now

by Sammy Chan
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So what’s happening?

Brian Dunn, the Senior Marketing Manager for PlayStation Now, has updated the US PlayStation blog with exciting news. PS Now subscribers will be able to download PS Now games to be played offline. Bear in mind that this only applies to games that were meant for the PS4. This refers to PS4 games and PS2 remasters for the PS4. Previously, you could only stream games using the service, meaning constant and decent internet connection was required. In the coming days, however, you will be able to download a majority of PS Now games directly onto your console.

Great, in fact- Almost Perfect!!

Downloaded PS Now games may be the rental equivalent, but they really do let you ‘own’ the game. Purchased DLCs, microtransactions, add-ons and PS4 Pro enhancements will all work on your PS Now games. You can even play multiplayer on these downloaded games without PS Plus!
An additional perk is that you can transfer cloud saves from games you’ve been streaming to your local PS4. This however can only be done with a PS Plus membership as your PS Now cloud data needs to go through the PS Plus cloud storage before reaching your PS4 system.

Picking up some Switchy Characteristics

Like Nintendo Switch Online, games downloaded from PS Now require you to ‘check-in’ your console to the internet every few days. It hasn’t been specified yet on how many days exactly. This is to verify your PS Now subscription. This is similar to Nintendo Switch Online’s NES library, where subscribers get access to a growing library of NES games but are required to check in to the internet once-a-week to play them.

Want to Subscribe to PS Now, now?

One staggering difference between PS Now and the Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch Online is the price. While Xbox sets its consumers back ten dollars each month, PS Now will set you back US$20. In junction with this new feature, however, Sony is offering a special price. New subscribers are getting a special price of just US $9.99 for the first month. PS Plus members have a slightly better offer. Plus members can opt to purchase a 3-month subscription for US$30.

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