FFXIV: How to unlock The Ananta Beast Tribe quest

by Sammy Chan
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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually have to all of the sidequests in Fringes. So don’t worry! You don’t have to spend ages trying to clear up all the quests on the map. Here are all the quests you need to complete and once you have them done, you’ll unlock the blue quest you need to start your daily Ananta Beast Tribe quests!
However, if you’ve cleared up all the quests in the fringes, which you probably won’t have because otherwise why would you look up this guide, you can skip right to the very last quest.
If you have finished all the sidequests in the Fringes and there’s still no blue quest, you’ll need to check to make sure you have all the aethercurrent quests done. If not, I truly salute you for not unlocking flying on the map. I can’t imagine having to run to every quest destination.

Head Over To The Fringes!

The following are the sidequests you can find on the little Ananta settlement:

  • A New Contender (X: 30.2, Y:25.8) – The beginning of the quest chain
  • Down But Not Out (X: 30.8, Y:23.8)
  • Make a Man Out Of You (X:27.6, Y:31.3)
  • Honoring Family (X:18.9, Y:21.6)

Now if you haven’t done the aether current quests, meaning you can’t fly in The Fringes (the very thought makes me shudder), you will have to do the following quest:

  • The Hidden Truth (X:9.2, Y:10.9)

After you do this quest, you’ll unlock the following chain:

  • Drawing A Blank (X:12.9, Y:19)
  • Seeking Answers (X:9.2, Y:10.9)
  • The Honest Truth (X:9.2, Y:10.9)
  • The Rose Bloom Twice (X:30.3, Y:25.8)

Now once you’ve completed all the quests above, you’ll unlock a blue quest and it should be titled from the quest giver:

  • Brooding Broodmother (X:30.2, Y:25.7)

All you have to do is follow that quest and by the end of it, you’ll have the Anata Beast Tribe Quests unlocked! Have fun~!

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