FFXIV: Sigmascape V3.0 Normal Text Guide

by Sammy Chan
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This is perhaps the easiest boss to take for granted in the Sigmascape normals and the consequences often lead to continuous deaths or worse, wipes. To avoid that, it’s best that you get a clear idea of what to do in there.

List of Skills

Magitek Ray – A beam that targets a random player. Get away from the boss’s front.
Arm and Hammer – Tank Buster.
Prey Marker – A player gets targetted by missiles.
Diffractive Plasma – Raid-wide AoE
Load – Pay attention to what Add appears on the screen. Depending what he loads, it determines his next attack.
Diffractive Laser – AoE around the boss and stun.
Missile Simulation – Slow-moving missiles move across the arena from 2 directions.
Bomb Deployment – 2 Bombs will appear in the arena. One player needs to step into the side that glows up.
Run Program – There are 4 variations of this attack
Shockwave – A knockback that throws you far back. Avoid this by making sure the boss is tanked in a corner so people have room to get knocked back without touching the edges of the arena.
Chakra Burst – Everyone needs to be in a green circle to minimize the raid-wide damage.
Main Cannon – Guardian flies up into the air and targets a random player to start dealing AoE damage around them. Move out quickly to avoid taking excessive damage.
Run Program – Guardian summons an Add corresponding to the picture loaded.

Air Force

Off tank grab this add and drag it toward the boss. Air Force will cast Diffractive Laser, a conal AoE in a random direction so get close to it to make it easier to dodge this.


He casts Aura Cannon, a frontal AoE and Explosive Fists, a heavy hitting cleave. The tank needs to bring this add away from the party.


When Ultros is loaded, it spawns an AoE circle underneath all players. Once Run Program casts, Guardian will cast Tentacle Simulation will appear underneath random players and for that will smash in a direction.


When it loads Bibliograph, Guardian will cast Demon Simulation. 3 players need to group up and sprint across the pads to lock them and prevent adds from spawning. Have 1 group run clockwise and another group run anti-clockwise. He was cast Magic Burst that will either have an AoE around him or have everyone run into the save zone around him.
The whole fight is basically just a repeat of mechanics depending on which add he spawns. As long as the Off-tank grabs adds and healers keep up with heals. You should be fine.

Skill Sequence

0:05 – Magitek Ray
0:15 – Arm and Hammer (Tank Buster)
0:30 – Prey Marker
0:35 – Diffractive Plasma (Raid-wide AoE)
0:40 – Load
1:08 – Diffractive Plasma
1:25 – Bomb Deployment
1:35 – Arm and Hammer (Tank Buster)
1:45 – Run Program
2:10 – Diffractive Plasma (Raid-wide AoE)
2:15 – Load
2:40 – Chakra Burst
2:45 – Run Program
3:10 – Magitek Ray
3:17 – Load
3:28 – Diffractive Plasma
3:53 – Run Program
4:29 – Magitek Ray
4:37 – Arm and Hammer
4:44 – Load
5:30 – Magitek Ray
5:38 – Arm and Hammer
5:40 – Diffractive Plasma
6:00 – Load
6:25 – Magitek Ray
6:20 – Chakra Burst
6:30 – Magitek Ray
6:40 – Diffractive Plasma
6:58 – Arm and Hammer
7:10 – Load
7:14 – Diffractive Laser
7:22 – Run Program
8:15 – Bomb Deployment
8:34 – Load
9:02 – Run Program
9:29 – Arm and Hammer
9:40 – Diffractive Plasma
9:46 – Load
10:00 – Diffractive Plasma
10:23 – Run Program
10:37 – Main Cannon
10:50 – Diffractive Plasma
11:00 – Magitek Ray
11:05 – Arm and Hammer
11:14 – Load
11:30 – Run Program
If you haven’t already seen it, here’s our guide for Sigmascape V1 and V2 Normal.

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