After a long wait, Garena has finally released the game Arena of Valor to more countries. These include several countries in South East Asia. The few countries are Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. The game has been trending in other parts of the world despite its release in SEA in the late October of 2017. There has been a few minor and even major tournaments. Let’s take a look at how’s the game doing is our Arena of Valor review.

Competitive Market

Arena of Valor(AOV) is not the first MOBA mobile game to make its way into the hands of the SEA gamers, there is the most trending MOBA from China Honor of Kings(王者荣耀)which has taken the hearts of many Chinese players and Mobile Legend for those non-Chinese players. Even with the huge competition, many were willing to try out the game, and there was a mixture of reviews saying that some heroes are overpowered/underpowered. And many players were threating Garena that if they don’t fix the issue, they will return to playing ML or HoK. That was not the only issue faced by Garena, the next was the lag spikes.
Not many were nice to the game as players kept comparing them to ML and HoK. With the similarities in gameplay and even heroes, their reaction is normal. This is because they are from the same production company, Timi Studio Group. The studio is part of which is under Tencent Games. ML, however, is published by Moonton; a company not owned by Tencent Games, has its similarities as well.

Communication Problems

We all know that SEA is a place where everyone speaks a different language, even for 3 countries in a server there is a total of 4 languages used in the game to communicate. These languages being English, Malay, Mandarin, and Filipino. Most Malaysians speak Malay while some speak Mandarin. The majority of Singaporean prefer to use English, but there are also a few that are able to understand and even speak Mandarin and Malay as Singapore and Malaysia are close neighbors to each other. The Philippines, on the other hand, are further away and the only common language is English. So in a game, not everyone understands each other, and miscommunication mostly lead to conflict.
This isn’t the first time that we had these conflicts, it goes all the way back to Dota 2, where the server was shared among the SEA gamers, and there were always complaints of Philippines players being non-communicative with the other players from another region. They tend to be more individualistic in their champion selection instead of being team oriented. Garena has resolved the issue by having another server to play on for ranked matches. As a result, many were satisfied but sadly, they also found out the truth that Philippines players are not the real issue of bad game experiences.

The Game’s Future In e-Sports

It had its first tournament 2 months after its release. There were a number of teams taking part from all around Malaysia. The final was held in KLCC. Though the crowd was thin and the majority of the spectators were just bypassers from Comic Fiesta. But when you see the players make an amazing play, the crowd goes wild! They were shouting and clapping as loud as they could in their excitement. But this is not the only tournament that Garena has held. There are many mini tournaments happening around Malaysia and there is a discussion going on that there will be an Arena of Valor World Cup held in Los Angeles around July 2018 with a prize pool of 500,000 USD (RM4,000,000). A total of 12 teams will be competing to grab the titles of best in the world.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend gamers to give it a chance. When compared to ML or HoK in its current state, the game leaves much to desire for. However, Garena is working hard on improving the game by taking in feedbacks from players seriously. It is still a new game a rather new game. So, there is definitely a lot of room for it to get better in the future. Take out your phone, gamers – welcome to the Arena of Valor.

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