Overwatch Lunar New Year Event New Skins Feature

by Sammy Chan
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The Overwatch Lunar New Year Event is here! And Blizzard did not disappoint. Not only are we getting new skins, emotes and highlights but we’re also getting a new map!

New Map: Ayutthaya

Feast your eyes on the new Capture the Flag map! The map is based on Ayutthaya in Thailand. There will be gameplay changes regarding the new Capture the Flag mode.
Picking up the flag will now be instant. However, if the flag is dropped, players will have to wait 4 seconds before the flag can be picked up again. Also, you will not be able to use any mobility and invulnerability skills while holding the flag or else you’ll drop it.
Capture the Flag will now be part of Competitive Mode, not just an arcade mode.

New Skins

These new skins are all in the Legendary tier. The old skins will be made available for purchase as well as rolls in loot boxes. Lootboxes can be bought as well as earned in-game through leveling up or playing Arcade modes.

Qinglong Pharah:

Overwatch Lunar New Year Event
The Azure Dragon takes to the skies with a little Pharah twist.

Baihu Genji:

Overwatch Lunar New Year Event
The White Tiger Genji looks pretty epic. The design and theme fit Genji’s character perfectly.

Black Lily Widowmaker:

Overwatch Lunar New Year Event
Not as epic as I thought it would be but the gun design looks really good.

Magistrate McCree

An odd but strangely fitting combo for our favorite gunslinger.

ZhuQue Mercy

This skin is beautiful, I heard it gets better when you use Valkyrie.

XuanWu Zarya

Just like the Genji skin, the Black Tortoise theme really fits Zarya with her shields.
The event officially ends on 5 March so get your skins before then or you’ll have to wait for next year! Remember, these skins are also available for purchase with credits:

  • Tal Ana
  • Rooster Bastion
  • Palanquin D.va
  • Firework Junkrat
  • Chang’e Mei
  • Luna Mei
  • Fortune Mercy
  • Wujing Reinhardt
  • Bajie Roadhog
  • Qipao Symmetra
  • Rose Tracer
  • Wukong Winston
  • Sanzang Zenyatta

If you want to check out the new emotes and highlights, click here.

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