FFXIV: Byakko Extreme Text Guide

by Sammy Chan

Get that clear out of the way with our Byakko Extreme Text Guide! This fight is easier than Shinryu in my opinion as it does not require as much team coordination in comparison. The whole fight is about 13 minutes long plus enrage so you probably don’t want it to last that long. The fight can be broken down into 2 phases but before that, here’s a list of all the moves he’ll do.

List of Moves:

  • Storm Pulse – Raid-wide AoE
  • Heavenly Strike – Tankbuster
  • State of Shock – Byakko picks up the person with the highest aggro, stunning them.
  • Highest Stakes – Special Stack: Byakko slams the person them into a stack marker that will appear behind him on the ground. This damage must be shared with three other players. This move will happen twice and the 3 people that stack for the first one cannot stack for the second one because you will get a Vulnerability debuff that insta-kills you.

What to do: the main tank will get the first stack. While this is happening, the off tank needs to Provoke aggro off the main tank in time for the second stack or else the main tank will die. To split your party for the stack, you can either have:

2 Healers and 1 DPS stack for the first one and 3 DPS for the second one


1 Healer and 2 DPS in each stack.

  • Unrelenting Anguish – Red balls will spawn from Byakko in a circulating manner. Touching these will result in damage taken and a vulnerability debuff.
  • Fire and Lightning – A wide frontal cleave laser beam released by Byakko. Getting hit will result in a vulnerability debuff.
  • Add Phase – Byakko will jump to the north and spawn Hakutei, the tiger add. The off-tank needs to grab this add and bring him over to the south side directly opposite of the boss at north. Hakutei has a cleave so make sure to turn it away from the middle. You will need cooldowns for this, his attacks hurt so assign a healer to an off-tank and the other to the main-tank. He can also cast Fire and Lightning, White Herald and The Roar of Thunder.

The Add phase will happen twice.

  • White Herald – A proximity-based raid-wide damage. A flare marker will appear on the off-tank and you have to be as far as possible (in the safe spot under the boss).
  • The Roar of Thunder – Hakutei’s health will determine how hard the attack hits.
  • Puddle marks – 1 healer and 1 DPS will be targetted with the homing marker and shortly after, AoE puddles will land on them, dealing damage and leaving behind a puddle. If you step in it, you will get a bleed debuff. Kite them around the edges of the arena but not to close to the boss.
  • Distant Clap – A donut AoE that spans almost the whole arena. The safe spot is directly underneath Byakko in his hitbox.
  • Lightning Puddles – The puddles will move in the direction of the arrow. Getting hit will result in an paralyze debuff.
  • Sweep the Leg – An arena-wide AoE cleave. The safe spot is directly behind the boss.
  • Expanding Tornado – Red AoE markers will appear around 1 Tank, 1 DPS, 1 Healer. These tornadoes need to be spread out all over the arena because they’ll expand. If they expand and touch each other, it will unleash a vacuum wave that wipes the party. To spread these out you can have:

Tanks drop their marker North.
Healers drop them South East. 
DPS drop them South West. 
Markers are highly recommended.

First Add Phase: 

DPS Hakutei down as far as possible until he disappears then run to stand directly underneath Byakko inside his hitbox for Distant Clap. As soon as it goes off run out of the middle because Hakutei will cast Fire and Lightning directly down the middle. Once you’re safe, focus DPS on Hakutei. Little blue orbs will spawn around the area that floats toward Hakutei. If the balls touch Hakutei, it will heal him. Healers should sprint to pick up the orbs before throwing down mitigation and shields. Warriors can also assist with Shake it Off.

Second Add Phase:

Ignore Hakutei for this phase. Focus all DPS on Byakko. Dodge Distant Clap and Fire and Lightning twice. And then just keep hitting Byako. Don’t forget to heal the tanks though. Ignore the orbs as well. One of the tanks will focus the cast bar for The Roar of Thunder. This is important! Once the cast bar reaches 2/3 cast Tank LB3. Throw out all your mitigation tools as well. This strat ensures a lower chance of the party getting to enrage but you have to time the LB3 just right and mitigate efficiently.
Here’s an approximate timestamp for each of his moves after pulling. These are just approximations.

Phase 1

0:05 – Storm Pulse (Raid-wide AoE)
0:10 – Heavenly Strike (Tankbuster)
0:20 – State of Shock (Main-tank immobile) straight into Highest Stakes (First Stack)
0:37 – State of Shock (Off-tank immobile) straight into Highest Stakes (Second Stack)
0:55 – Unrelenting Anguish
0:59 – Storm Pulse (Raid-wide AoE)
1:08 – Fire and Lightning (Frontal cleave)
1:26 – First Add phase and homing puddles
1:34 – Storm Pulse (Raid-wide AoE)
1:44 – Heavenly Strike (Tank Buster)
1:54 – White Herald and Distant Clap (Donut AoE)
2:00 – Fire and Lightning (Front Cleave by Hakutei)
2:05 – Storm’s Pulse (Raid wide AoE)
2:17 – The Roar of Thunder (Lower Hakutei’s HP)
3:00 – Phase change (Same as the Normal mode but balls are faster)

Phase 2

4:15 – Raid wide damage (Throw out all of the mitigation)
4:32 – Heavenly Strike (Tank Buster)
4:45 – Lightning Puddles and State of Shock (Main-tank immobile)
4:50 – Highest Stakes (First Stack)
5:00 – Highest Stakes (Second Stack)
5:09 – Sweep the Leg (AoE Cleave)
5:25 – Unrelenting Anguish
5:30 – Storm Pulse x 2 (Reprisal if possible)
5:40 – Expanding Tornadoes
5:48 – Fire and Lightning (Front AoE Cleave)
6:07 – Second Add Phase and homing puddles
6:25 – Distant Clap and Fire and Lightning x 2
6:44 – Heavenly Strike (Tank Buster)
7:00 – The Roar of Thunder and Storm Pulse x 2 (Reprisal this)
7:27 – Fire and Lightning (Frontal AoE cleave)
7:43 – Storm Pulse x 2
7:58 – Lightning Puddles, Expanding Tornado and State of Shock (Main tank immobile)
8:10 – Highest Stakes (First Stack)
8:21 – Highest Stakes (Second Stack)
8:30 – Sweep the Leg (AoE Cleave)
8:43 – Heavenly Strike (Tank Buster)
8:53 – Storm Pulse (Raid-wide AoE) x 2
9:05 – Distant Clap (Donut AoE)
9:12 – Heavenly Strike (Tank Buster)
9:24 – Unrelenting Anguish
9:30 – Storm Pulse (Raid-wide AoE)
9:41 – Expanding Tornadoes
9:49 – Fire and Lightning
10:15 – Storm Pulse (Raid-wide AoE) x 2
10:29 – Lightning Puddles, State of Shock (Main Tank immobilize)
10:35 – Highest Stakes (First Stack)
10:47 – Highest Stakes (Second Stack)
10:56 – Sweep the Leg (AoE Cleave)
11:12 – Storm Pulse continuously until enrage

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Shiro 09/05/2018 - 10:41 pm

only flare is proximity based. you can move tiger by the boss.

itsbelleee 10/05/2018 - 3:14 pm

Fair point. Personally, I just like having the add away from the boss because sometimes the tiger cleaves the MT if not careful. Also melees have gap closers while the OT doesn’t so it’s a bit of a lazy strat for tanks really, hehe. But yeah, you’re right, only the Flare is proximity based.

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