Double Trouble Launch Event with Monster Hunters and Dragon Ball

by Sammy Chan
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Trouble? Did someone say trouble? Well, make it double! Magic Rain is back at it again with their Double Trouble Launch Event. Over the weekend (January 27 ~ 28) the launch event featuring two epic and iconic franchises, Dragon Ball FighterZ and Monster Hunter World was held in Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur.
With these beloved titles being coincidentally released around the same date, The Magic Rain and Kakuchopurei teamed up to organize another great community event to celebrate the release of these two incredible titles.
If you’re a fan of either game but didn’t get your butt down to Avenue K, fret not, we’ll be sharing every little juicy detail about this phenomenal launch event.

Glorious event banner!

The Double Launch

Although the Double Trouble event wasn’t as packed as their Pokemon launch event, there was a certain charm to the whole environment. It had a more humble and friendly surrounding, where fans and players of these games could come together to meet and share their love for their respective franchises.
We got to chat with the founder of The Magic Rain, CM Char and gained some insight on the objective of such an event. He stated that this event is all about bringing together smaller communities to celebrate these two great franchises. Continuing, he states that this community event aims to show that gaming isn’t all about having your face stuck to a screen but that gaming can be a social activity outside the actual game. He finishes by saying “Gamers are just as passionate as any other community.”

CM Char officiating the event

The event venue had up to eight PS4 Pro consoles and 4K display Acer television monitors all sponsored by Kitamen, ready to be used by event attendees to try out both Dragon Ball FighterZ and Monster Hunter World. These console stations would be free for anyone to use throughout the duration of the event.

Bringing Out The Big Guns

Starting the day off was the Dragon Ball FighterZ Launch Tournament where gamers of varying skill levels showed up to try their hand at becoming the top Saiyan of them all. Those skilful enough to wipe the competition would go on to win a Banpresto DBZ Figurine and cash prizes.

Players crowding around for the Dragon Ball FighterZ launch tournament

We managed to talk with a couple of pro players who were veterans to fighting games going by their player handles, Dr. Fierce and KatspawZ. These players turned out to be founders of a team called Air Dashers and have been long time players of a fighting game called Guilty Gear. With both wielding their weapon of choice, their very own customised gamepads, we asked them what they thought of Dragon Ball FighterZ.
“The game is definitely very beginner friendly and any casual player can pick it up immediately and start enjoying the game unlike other fighting games like Street Fighter that throws you to the deep end immediately.” said Dr. Fierce with a slight glimmer in his eyes.
KatspawZ followed up by explaining that Dragon Ball FighterZ feels incredibly balanced and serves as a great benchmark for fighting games. Both players then started to gush about how the game feels like you’re watching an actual battle from the anime with flashy explosions and their favourite characters screaming out iconic lines from the anime.

Dragon Ball FighterZ was Goten/10!

Speaking of characters, the character line up in Dragon Ball FighterZ had every player at the event watering at the mouth. With fan favourites like Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and many others, players could not be more ecstatic about playing Dragon Ball FighterZ.
This Dragon Ball fighting game is perfect in many ways, controls are smooth, combos feel satisfying and the graphics are very true to the anime. Dr. Fierce and KatspawZ gave the game a resounding ‘nine of ten IGN would play again and again and again’.
No launch event would be complete without some sick loot. Ministry of Hobbies brought down a whole mess of Banpresto Dragon Ball figurines. To reward event attendees, Ministry of Hobbies had a special promotion, selling their figurines for RM80 each. The most expensive figurine there cost about RM150, so you could say that this was practically a steal for those who attended.

Banpresto figurines supplied by Ministry of Hobbies

To be a Super Saiyan, you have to be able to stand the heat if you want to power up to over 9000, Magic Rain understands that and held the Eat Like a Saiyan! Competition. Making participants of the competition eat the infamously spicy Samyang Korean Hot Chicken Flavour Ramen in the fastest possible time. Those able to devour their bowl of ramen first WITHOUT drinking the Oishi green tea placed in front of them would be henceforth known as the hottest Saiyan of them all! First place wins a Dragon Ball figurine while the second place wins a Gamdias T-shirt, Acer keychain and a lanyard LGR. They say man’s not hot, well, man got very hot after this competition.

Participants shovelling noodles into their mouths

Event Loot

Edge Asia, the event’s official games magazine was there to promote subscription to their magazine. The Edge Asia magazine is a magazine dedicated to gaming and e-sports around Asia, perfect reading material for any passionate gamer out there. Besides being able to take a gander at some of Edge Asia’s beautifully illustrated magazine covers, they were also holding a lucky draw for whoever liked and shared their Facebook page. To make things all that much sweeter, participants are guaranteed to win something from the lucky draw, from an awesome Destiny 2 tote bag to PS4 controller skins.

Lucky Draw by Edge Asia

Also, Heavy Arm, the official retail sponsor, set up shop at the venue to distribute their pre-order sales for both titles. Monster Hunter World was sold out with a whopping 600 copies being sold just on pre-order. Dragon Ball FighterZ only sold 100 copies which for a fighting game is a pretty impressive number nonetheless.

The Monster Hunter World Hype

Let’s not forget the Monster Hunter World side of the launch event. With four consoles available, anyone could try out Monster Hunter World and experience this long-awaited title for the first time. For those more experienced Monster Hunter players, the Monster Hunter World Solo Time Attack was the perfect competition to test their skills and prove themselves as hunters.

The Pukei Pukei roaring at the player

On the first day, players faced the Pukei Pukei, a winged serpent that spits poison and a disgustingly fat, long tongued chameleon whereas on the second day, players were pit against the Kulu-Ya-Ku, a chicken-like dinosaur that digs up rocks to toss at the player. Players had the flexibility to use a hammer, a switch axe and even dual blades. Most veteran hunters favoured the switch axe as you can score high damage strikes if executed flawlessly. Best time recorded was a whopping four minutes, only attainable by the most experienced of hunters.

The Kulu-Ya-Ku wielding a rock

Monster Hunting Fun Times

We had the chance to talk to one of the emcee’s, Nicholas and found out that he is an absolutely geek for Monster Hunter and would not stop gushing about how great Monster Hunter World is. “I could gush about this game for hours. If I wasn’t here being an emcee, I’d probably be at home playing this. (Monster Hunter World).” said Nicholas as he grasped his microphone.

Nicholas interviewing a player attempting the Time Attack challenge

Players also took turns to mess with Monster Hunter World’s incredibly flexible character creation to create the greatest masterpiece or your worst nightmare.

Uncontrollable laughter while messing with MHW’s character creation

This is what they were laughing at –

Harley Quinn is that you?!

Utilising the Palico companion creation in Monster Hunter World, players tried their best to recreate the Oishi mascot, Neko, in the Best Oishi Cat design activity. All you had to do was create a Palico companion closely resembling the green eared Oishi mascot and you’d automatically receive a bottle of refreshing Oishi black tea.

Oishi Cat, Neko in Monster Hunter World

Cosplaying And Chugging

An event by The Magic Rain would never be complete without some sizzling hot cosplay. Dressed as Monster Hunter characters such as the Guild Girl and a Hunter. These cosplayers could be seen taking selfies with attendees hoping to win a Razer pillow through the Facebook competition, those with the most likes, wins!

Cosplayers lining up for a photo op

To round off the launch event, the Drink Like a Hunter! Competition was a hilarious and an entertaining spectacle to behold. Participants gathered around tables filled with sponsored Oishi bottles ready to chug as fast as possible. The last man standing takes home the prize! Just like Hunters in the heat of battle, participants downed bottles as if their lives depended on it. It was a relieve that no one was choking!


Last year, Char teased that a big event would be happening at the start of 2018. He was not lying. It is an impressive feat to organize such an event involving two wholly different franchises. Plus, they made the event as ‘all about the community’ as possible. We are sure all who attended left with a smile and warm memories, reminding us that gaming isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle! Kudos to The Magic Rain and Kakuchopurei! Here’s to more great gaming events in 2018!

Last but not least, we’re currently giving away a copy of Monster Hunter World for free! Check on the side bar of this page for info on how to enter. Good luck!

Double Trouble Launch EventImage credit to The Magic Rain

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