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From the creators of Agony and the infamously frustrating House Flipper, PlayWay recently added another game to their simulation family. Ultimate Fishing Simulator, out now on Steam, is currently still in its Early Access stage. Having played some of their games like 911 Operator, Agony and House Flipper, it comes as no surprise to see them pull off another realistic and fun game. If you’re into fishing or maybe just wants to learn about fishing, this is a pretty decent game. But before you pick up the game, here’s our Ultimate Fishing Simulator review to help you decide if it’s worth your penny.

From ponds to lakes

Betty Lake will be the fishing spot you start in. Since the game emulates realism, it requires you to some level of understanding about fishing. It’s okay if you don’t because the tutorial does a pretty good job in assisting you through setting up for your artificial fishing trip. As you progress, you’ll come to realize that floats and hooks play a vital role in the game. On top of that, by adding variety to the depths of water in the game, they further solidify their ability to really emulate reality. For example, fishes inhibit different depths of the lake. This will then requires you to use different bait since bigger fishes won’t bother nibbling at basic baits

Image via Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Tutorials in this game are pretty subtle. It doesn’t prompt you too often or tries to hold your hand when you’re trying to experience the game for yourself in the beginning. However, if you happen to miss a tooltip, it might get a little confusing.
Another small detail that ties the immersion together nicely was having our very own radio. Getting to switch channels on the radio while fishing really just brings about that relaxing vibe.

UI is kept to minimal

Another thing that PlayWay did right in this game was to go minimal with their UI design. It gets really easy to immerse yourself in the game when there isn’t too many tabs or boxes that you have to constantly keep an eye on. When in-game, you’ll notice that it only shows components that are crucial; weather, temperature, and wind. On the bottom left of the screen, it’s just a list for controls.

In-game screenshot via Ultimate Fishing Simulator

Plus, the game also gives you the option to hide the UI completely if you want to. By doing this, they really put the focus on what’s important – enjoying the scenery. It’s definitely a refreshing change of scene when you’re used to staring at a screen cluttered with legends or markers.

Attention to detail required

Despite doing really well in other departments, when it comes to enhancing realism, the game does lack some attention to detail in several things. For example, your rod, hooks, and floats will not degrade. There’s no durability or a repair mechanic.
The game physics can get a little wonky at times when it comes time to reel in the catch. Though it’s nothing you can’t overcome once you learn the fishes’ tempo to tire it down. Other smaller, nitpicky detail is definitely how wind affects the game. Even if it was moving at six miles per second, your surrounding will show no indication of windiness. The line you cast will stay straight. On a normal day, it’s all good. But, when you start doing fly-fishing, this kind of takes you out of the moment.

Fishing in a nutshell

Though it may look easy on the eye, the game doesn’t have a big requirement to run. Currently, we are playing this on a Nvidia GTX1060 6GB with an Intel i7 CPU. Even when we cranked the settings up to maximum, it ran smoothly. It’s good to know that they properly optimized the game in this sense.
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When it comes to fishing games, there’s a huge selection to pick from and this ranges across platforms. It really depends on what sort of experience you’re looking for. If you just want some casual fishing fun, those on mobile will probably be more suitable. Ultimate Fishing Planet, however, trumps all these by a mile if you’re up for some real immersive experience.
The game offers up a scenario where both beginners and fishing enthusiasts can get into. Testing your fishing knowledge, you’ll definitely experience the advantage if you’re an enthusiast. Simultaneously, someone who’s completely new to the game won’t be put off by this either. Since the game readily guides and help you through understanding its mechanics. Thanks for reading our Ultimate Fishing Simulator review! Get the game here on Steam. Need more convincing? The game currently holds a Very Positive rating on Steam with lots of players praising it.

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