FFXIV's Behemoth invading Monster Hunter World in this epic crossoever

by Sammy Chan
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Remember that tease Square Enix gave us back in E3 2018? Rathalos invaded the Azim Steppe in Final Fantasy XIV and later on, another video showed Behemoth invading Monster Hunter World. The super-hyped tease did not come with a release date but they finally released it yesterday! The crossover featuring Behemoth will happen for Monster Hunter World starting August 1, 7 PM (PT). That’s 10 AM on August 2 for GMT +8.

What else is coming with Behemoth?

Lore wise, an aetheryte showing up in the world of Monster Hunter has attracted Behemoth (and others). In the video, we also see Kulu-Ya-Ku got really big due to exposure to the aetheryte’s energy. To deal with Behemoth invading Monster Hunter World, the Warriors of Light were called upon to fight the Primal.
Besides the legendary Primal himself stepping foot into the world of Monster Hunter, hunters will get to see the Sabotenders as well. Based on the video, hitting a Sabotender will cause it to use it’s iconic 1000 Needles skill. Any Final Fantasy fans know how deadly this skill is. Next up, possibly the best thing about the crossover is the rendition of Dragoon armor and weapon onto the Insect Glaive. Finally, Poogie itself gets a cute Heir of Behemoth outfit.
However, with Monster Hunter World coming to PC next month on August 9, it’s very likely that this event will not be on the PC version yet. More info about the addition of updates for PC version here. PC players don’t have to worry though since they do plan to bring all the previous and future events of the console version to PC. Well, maybe with the exception of the Horizon: Zero Dawn event since that’s a PlayStation 4 exclusive. As for the Final Fantasy XIV version of the crossover, there is no news just yet. Check out the new Behemoth trailer above. Monster Hunter World is now available for pre-order on Steam.

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