FFXIV: 10 tips on how to get to Floor 100 in Heaven on High

by Sammy Chan

The new Deep Dungeon, Heaven on High is out! Everyone is going to be aiming for the top but most won’t make it. That may sound harsh but that’s just how it works. Otherwise, why would they give you a title for getting to floor 100 in Heaven on High and a horse mount of doing it four times? There are some typical mistakes and bad habits that will be the swift end of your deep dungeon run and possibly your friendships. All it takes is for one person to step on a wrong trap at the wrong time…
But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Arranged in no particular order, these are the top 10 tips on how to get to floor 100 in Heaven-on-high.

1. Stick close to the walls

Screengrab via FFXIV

Not staying close to walls in the higher levels is an example of overconfidence borderlining on sheer ignorance for traps. There should be no reason why you’re not pressing yourself against the wall when crossing the room. You can get away with it up till floor 60 at most, but beyond that, you should always stay close to the walls.
Why do we stay close to the walls? Because the chances of traps being generated there are significantly lower. And I don’t mean stick close to the walls as, in lingering-somewhat-close-to-the-wall kind of close, I mean rub-your-character’s-shoulders-against-the-wall sort of close. If you do that everytime you move, you’ll never step on a trap ever again.

2. Make sure you’re at 99/99

This may seem like an obvious tip but many underestimate how useful it is to have the whole team at the best possible state, stat-wise. In the deep dungeon where all it takes is a single mistake to wipe the team, you’ll want as much room for mistakes as possible so you’ll at least have a chance to crawl out of a bad situation.
Also, there’s no harm in spending some extra time getting your aetherpool up to max when it improves your chances of getting to the top. Plus, it’s fairly easy to level up your aetherpool. You can either spam floors 21 – 30 a couple of times or just go in a few casual runs with some friends with no expectations to see how high you can get. You might even get some good loot along the way.
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3. Memorize the positions of your panic pomanders

This might be a little bit easier if you’re on PC but it’s not impossible for PS4 players. As a PC player, just make space on your screen for your information window and have it up all the time. That way, you’ll have easy access to all your pomanders if things start to go south. For PS4 players, just make it a habit to open your character information quickly and remember the directions to each pomander.
The important oh shit pomanders to remember are Witching and Petrification. You can use either-or in the event of a luring trap in the higher levels, mainly on Floors 71 and above. It’s also good to remember where the Steel and Strength are placed as that may help in a fight.

4. Be aware of your surroundings

One cannot stress how important it is to just simply MOVE YOUR CAMERA AROUND. It sounds simple enough but many people will get caught up in what they’re doing, be it their rotations, combos or even keeping the tank alive, and they won’t have realized that they’re in the direct path of a roaming mob until it’s too late.
It’s easy to believe that adding one mob to the equation is not going to make a difference. But you have to remember that the mobs in the higher floor can two shot or even one shot any player that’s not a tank. If the person who aggro-ed it was a healer and they get taken out of the equation earlier, it could easily be a wipe for the team.

5. Be stingy with your pomanders

Pomanders are not just a minor convenience to have. Good management of your pomanders is the key to Floor 100. The earlier floors are basically just preparing you for the later floors. Use the earlier floors to fill your inventory. Ideally, you’ll want to have 3 of each pomander and 3 Magicites by Floor 60 but that doesn’t mean you should start using them then. Do not use pomanders on a whim because when you really need them, you might not have them.
For example, you don’t need to use a Serenity every time you get Gloom or Blindness, those debuffs are merely minor inconveniences that you should be able to power through. The important debuffs you should pay attention to are debuffs like Items Disabled or Amnesia that negates the use of pomanders and skills respectively. Even then, you should only use them if your team is not confident in their abilities to power through them.

6. Do not use your Magicites unless you have to

This should be a no-brainer. The same concept as pomanders. Don’t use them unless you have to. These are the ultimate oh-shit buttons you can press. And we’re talking last resort. As in no Petrification, Witching or maybe all your pomanders are locked behind Items Disabled. 
You also shouldn’t use Pomanders in boss fights. I get that they do a lot of damage to bosses but it’s just more worth it to use them to wipe out entire floors. And think about it this way, if you save all 3 Magicites, you can use them to breeze from 97 to 100.

7. Always fight in safe areas

Make the mobs come to you. It’s easy to get lost in the moment on your rotations. Maybe you like to move around when doing your combos and its one foot on a luring trap and suddenly you’re not fighting one Griffin, you’re fighting four. Or perhaps accidentally step on a landmine and you blow yourself up and you take your tank, who’s at less than 80% HP with you and suddenly you’re the tank.
That’s why it’s important that the tanks pull the mobs into safe places to fight. Especially in floors 70+ when it becomes almost impossible for anyone to tank more than one mob at the same time.
Safe places include Hallways and Safe Rooms (the room in which you spawn in).

8. Enter with an effective team composition

Certain jobs are simply better in deep dungeons than others. An ideal team composition would have no classes that involve pets so that rules out Summoners and Scholars. This is because pets are capable of aggroing mobs and because they tend to lag a little bit behind, they have a chance of pulling mobs that turn in the last second. Also, the pomander of concealment does not work on pets. So even though you’re invisible, you can still aggro mobs simply because your pet is following you.
And you’ll want a second person who can raise, so that pretty much guarantees a spot on the team for Redmages. You may also want a melee on your team just to use LB but it really shouldn’t matter too much if you have another ranged on your team.
It would also be ideal if you know how to play the class you’re entering as. My ideal team composition includes:
Paladin (Because Hallowed Ground is best in a pinch)
Astrologian (Cards as extra buffs can help. Plus they can switch between regens and shields)
Redmages (Rez bot and big burst damage)
Ninja (Hidden is good for sneaking for chests)

9. Pace yourself

This is especially important in the higher floors because mobs take longer to kill and sometimes you lose track of time. It’s going to be very difficult to clear out all the mobs on every floor and open every chest without the risk of running out of time.
Remember, you only have 60 minutes to get to the next set of floors. And though 60 minutes may seem like a lot of time, some of these mobs take up to 45 seconds to kill. and if you’re unlucky you may have to kill more mobs just to get to the passage. And with 10 floors in 60 minutes, that leaves you 6 minutes per floor. Though you don’t have to stick to that timing religiously, it’s still good to keep track of time, especially when you know you’re a few minutes behind schedule.

10. Communicate with your team

The simple act of telling your team when you’re about to open a chest can save you a lot of time. If, for example, that chest ended up being a mimic, everyone will be ready for it. The worst thing you can do at the higher levels is to stray away from the team to open a chest.
One, that means the mob the team pulled will take longer to die. Two, we all know that chest is going to end up being a mimic and you’ll run screaming and crying towards your team before giving one of them the pox they didn’t deserve (that came from a deep place, I’m sorry).
Stick together! From Floors 70+, you and your team need to move as a unit. Have only one person open the chest and the rest stay away in case it ends up being a landmine. Let your teams know if you spot a roamer. All-in-all, just communicate with your team. Just because you see it, doesn’t mean your teammates automatically will.
And that’s all the tips I have for you. You now have a higher chance of getting to floor 100. Most importantly, you don’t have to kill everything. Be efficient, good luck!

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