What to buy with your free ePENJANA money? Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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In case our friends in Malaysia haven’t heard of ePENJANA already, we’re getting free RM50 worth of e-wallet credit! Best of all, we get to choose where to redeem it. On top of all that, we’ve got a pretty fun game for you to try! Read on.


So, maybe you’ve been too busy playing Ghost of Tsushima (by the way, stay tuned for our review), and now you’re left wondering what ePENJANA is. In short, ePENJANA is an initiative by the Government of Malaysia to help stimulate the economy of the country (and the rest of the world) during this challenging period. 

Are you eligible for ePENJANA?

Malaysians aged 18 and above, with an annual income of below RM100,000 are eligible. But first, the process will require a download of the MySejahtera app and become a user before redemption.

Eligible Malaysians will be able to redeem their RM50 (only once) through an e-wallet of choice, either Boost, Touch N Go, or GrabPay ewallet. The approval process will take up to 5 working days, and each ewallet application will require their own unique verification process, and might be offering different sets of bonuses, so check it out!

Pre-order Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Source: PlayStation Europe Youtube Channel

Now that you’ve got your free ePENJANA dough, here’s something that you could spend it on. As the title says, this is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The game was revealed back in June 2019, and has been under development ever since. In short, players will be in control of colourful, bumbling bean-shaped rainbow beings. The objective of the game is to run (in this case, stumble) towards victory in a variety of chaotic courses.

Source: playstation.com

Navigate wacky obstacle courses with 59 other competitors, and as rounds go by, a winner will be left standing. It’s chaos, escalated in a good (albeit funny) way. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is now available for pre-order on Steam! 

Source: playstation.com

Speaking of Steam, SEAGM has Steam Wallet Codes available in a variety of denominations in case you want to buy some other games as well!  

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