Dota 2 New Heroes Coming In Dueling Fates Update

by Sammy Chan
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Dota 2 hasn’t had a new hero since the release of Monkey King in December 2016. To make up for lost time, Valve is giving us not one but TWO new heroes. The trailer was released on 11 August during The International 7. They decided to ride the hype of their biggest Major to make the announcement.


New Heroes Teased During TI7

The first hero in the trailer is purple armadillo/pangolin of some sorts with a French accent. HFrenchds a rapier and wears a musketeer hat. His style seems to bear a strong similarity to Puss in Boots from the Shrek franchise, who also take after the infamous fictional character, Zorro. Hence, he has been dubbed “Zorro Armadillo” by fans. However, Valve has yet to release the names.
The second hero appears in the epilogue of the trailer after “Zorro Armadillo” made short work of his enemies. He says to her “No need to worry my dear, the forest, she is safe now.” Which clues us in on their close relationship and their affinity with the forest. The second hero can fly and she looks like a sylph dressed as a pirate and so, the community has been calling her “Sylph.” Again, Valve has neither confirmed nor denied this.

What Classes Are They?

Aside from the cinematic teaser, nothing else has been released about these new champions. We do know that they will be included in the upcoming ‘Duelling Fates’ patch in the game but as far as skillset and gameplay are concerned, we’re in the dark.
Although, to be fair, the trailer was released merely a few days ago. It is unlikely any new information will be given to us until after The International 7 has completed. This also means that the professional players have some work to do when they get back from the tournament.
That’s all we have for you on the new heroes. We will keep this post updated as more information is revealed. Get hyped and happy gaming!

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