Dota 2 Pro Defeated By OpenAI At The International 7

by Sammy Chan
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While The International 2017 is going on, Elon Musk’s killer bot, OpenAI, made a special appearance. Valve pitched a top pro player, Dendi, against Musk’s bot. The OpenAI bot learned to play Dota 2 on its own through a repeated playthrough. Evidently, the bot took down Dendi and Musk was pretty please.

open ai

Image via YourStory

Regular players avenged Dendi!

If you’re worried that we’re one step closer to the Sky Net apocalypse, you can rest easy. Valve gave other attendees of TI7 a chance to go against the bot, offering lucrative rewards. Almost everyone managed to defeat the bot. Some players were smart to outsmart the bots, drawing its attention and defense away. Check out the 1 v 1 match above!

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