Diablo 3 Necromancer Release June 27

by Sammy Chan
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Necromancer Release June 27 in Patch 2.6.0

Diablo 3 Necromancer

Image via Blizzard

Get hyped! The purchasable content pack: The Rise of the Necromancer is coming to Diablo III: Reaper of Souls as well as Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition. The release will be alongside patch 2.6.0.
The pack will include:

  • Portrait Frame
  • 2 Additional character slots
  • 2 additional stash tabs (only for PC)

Challenge rifts and take on new zones with an all new class – Necromancer. With the power to control blood, bone and dark arts, protect the Balance and maintain the cycle of being. The Necromancers are what uneducated outsiders would call the Priests of Rathma. To learn more about the Priests of Rathma watch the cinematic trailer here.
4 New Class Sets:
Bones of Rathma
Trag'oul's Avatar
Pestilence Master's Shroud
Grace of inarius
Cosmetic Wings:
Cosmetic wings
A Pennant:
A Non-combat Pet:
Golem pet
Necromancer-themed Banner Shape:
Necromancer banner
The pack will be available for purchase on June 27 for 14.99 USD.
If you’re not keen on spending, that’s okay! Because the new 2.6.0 patch will also bring new and free content:

  • Challenge Rifts
  • The Shrouded Moors zone
  • Temple of the Firstborn zone
  • The Realms of Fate

If you want more information regarding maintenance times and regional pricing, visit the Diablo website.

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