Deviljho armor looks awesome! Mr. Pickle arrives early on Monster Hunter: World PC

by Sammy Chan
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Monster Hunter: World PC is getting their first free update tomorrow alongside the addition of Deviljho himself. In comparison to the console version, the PC port is definitely getting their first update sooner. Console players had to wait three months back then. Besides the new monster, the update is also bringing along several fixes and new items including two brand new Deviljho armor sets.

Finding Deviljho in the New World

Once the update drops, Deviljho isn’t going to just pop up in your map during a random hunt. You’re going to need to unlock it first. To do this, make sure you’ve completed the “??? Rathian” quest in the main story. If you’ve done this, all you have to do next is pick up the Deviljho special assignment from the quest board (or from your handler).
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Hunting Deviljho means getting new carves and that equates to new armor. There are new weapons plus two new armor sets, the Vangis α, and Vangis β. Check them out in the gallery above!
All Deviljho weapons will have negative affinity though, but they are still really, really strong. There are several ways to overcome this. If you have the Tenderizer Jewel, max out Weakness Exploit. At maximum Rank 3, you get 50% affinity when hitting weak spots. Alternatively, if the jewel eludes you, Critical Eye or Maximum Might can help out as well. At maximum Rank 7, Critical Eye gives 30% bonus affinity whereas Maximum Might at Rank 3 gives a bonus 30% as well but only when you’re at full stamina.

Other than the pickle

Astera 3 Star Chef Coat via PSN Store

Deviljho isn’t the only major addition to this first major update for Monster Hunter: World PC. The Handler is also getting a new costume. Dress her up like your personal meat roaster in the Astera 3 Star Chef Coat!  This addition, though, is a downloadable content. Meaning you’ll have to purchase it separately. It’s only $2 (MYR 12). It’s a way to support the game if you wish since all subsequent updates we’re getting will be free.

A new mantle, the Dragonproof Mantle, is being added as well. This will be your reward for taking down Deviljho. The Dragonproof Mantle will make your pickle farming runs easier since the green, mean big guy does Dragon damage. Besides defense and nullifying Dragonblight, it also enhances weapon with Dragon properties when worn.
As for the rest, they’re all bug fixes. If you’re interested, you can check out the full patch note here.

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