Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition Won’t Have Ray Tracing on Xbox Series S

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Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition is now up for pre-order on next generation consoles PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S. While the Series X and PlayStation 5 will be getting the full next-gen experience, the Series S will be skimping out on a few features. For one, the Xbox Series S will not support Direct X Ray Tracing in Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition (DMC 5 SE). It will also not support native 4K resolutions. Xbox has already stated, however, that the Series S will feature 4K upscaling from a native 1440p resolution.

devil may cry 5

Source: Capcom, Devil May Cry Facebook Page

That’s not to say that the DMC 5’s Special Edition won’t take any advantage of the hardware upgrade, however. Both the Xbox Series X and Series S versions will feature a 120fps mode, enhanced 3D audio, and blazing fast SSD load times.

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition | The Definitive Experience

DMC5 SE, which is a “definitive edition” of sorts for Devil May Cry 5, will feature additional gameplay modes. Thanks to the hardware upgrades, SE will feature Turbo Mode and Legendary Dark Knight mode.

devil may cry 5

Turbo Mode speeds up the gameplay by 20 percent, or 1.2 times faster. Couple that with butter-smooth 120fos, combat will be as frantic and visually stylish as ever. Legendary Dark Knight mode surrounds the player in a literal swarm of enemies. This essentially brings the sophisticated and stylish combat of DMC to a Musou enemy-hell environment, presenting the player will plenty of soon-to-cry devils.

As an added bonus, Vergil will become a free playable character in the Special Edition.

You can preorder Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S now. Vergil will be available in the Special Edition upon release, but will be available to current-gen console and PC owners as DLC on December 15. You can reload PlayStation Wallet, Steam Wallet, and Xbox Live Gift Cards for attractive prices for all regions at SEAGM.

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