Dauntless new Behemoth on its way to the Shattered Isle!

by Sammy Chan
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Dauntless has been in the open beta for a few weeks now and its gaining popularity as time passes. The game is most commonly compared the big wig of monster hunting game – Monster Hunter World. Though, some may argue saying Dauntless is a game of its own. During an interview at E3 2018, Phoenix Lab Co-Founder and CEO Jesse Houston said that they plan to release something new in eight weeks time. There’s a Dauntless new Behemoth you can look forward to! Plus, they’ll also be looking to roll out a major patch every other week to fix bugs.

Dauntless new Behemoth you say?

Yep, Dauntless is getting an all-new Behemoth that and it’s unlike the current tier 5 Behemoths we have been facing. That pretty much means brand new attack patterns and movements. They did not leak anything other than an NPC named Ostia and a title ‘The Coming Storm’. So for all we know, the new map could potentially mean new quests. Then there’s also the new Behemoth that we mentioned earlier.

What will be the sixth weapon like?

According to the Director of Marketing, Nick Clifford, the sixth weapon will solely be dishing out range attacks. Players have been requesting for a ranged weapon for a while now and the studio is proving that they listen. That’s always a good thing, for sure. Originally, they didn’t plan to add a ranged weapon, but the community wanted a ranged weapon so badly, they decide to make it. Currently, only the War Pike has some sort of range attack. However, it’s a special attack that requires charging. So technically, it isn’t really a ranged weapon. Players will definitely be thrilled with this addition
With that being said, let’s hope that they can deliver! The CEO hopes to get Dauntless out of beta by the end of 2018.

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