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by Sammy Chan
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During UbiE3, For Honor received a presentation slot to introduce their latest expansion: Marching Fire. To celebrate the ever-growing For Honor Community, Ubisoft is giving all Uplay members For Honor free! The starter edition of most Ubisoft games are essentially the full games offered at a cheaper price. The only drawback is that it comes in its most vanilla and barebones form and most unlockables are locked behind higher in-game currency prices. Despite the shadiness, it’s a fair trade-off considering you’ll still be getting a full $60 game for a fraction the price ($14.99). Hurry! The offer ends this Monday, and can only be accessed via the Uplay client. Go to this website and log in to your Uplay to add it to your library.

What is For Honor?

For Honor is one of the rising franchises contributing to the Esports scene. It pits four main factions against each other through intricate melee combat. With an array of multiplayer modes and a single-player campaign, For Honor can be just about for anyone. Choose between Vikings, Knights, Samurais and the most recent addition, the Wu Lin in an epic battle for honor. With a myriad of tactics to explore and mechanics to experiment with, For Honor is sure to keep you occupied for a good long while. Grind your way to dominance and customize your warriors with epic decals to mandate your authority. For Honor was came out in February 2017 and has an active player base of  1 million players.
Despite its rocky start, devs have been working hard to bring a constant update to the game. With the recent expansion Marching Fire, now is as good a time as any to get into the fight! Hurry! Offer ends this Monday, June 18.

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