Kill La Kill the game announced!

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Arc System Works has announced a Kill la Kill game. For those unfamiliar with Arc System Works, they are the publishers for “BlazBlue”. Developers APLUS is working on the game as well. APLUS has recently worked on titles such as “Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time”.

Early Look

Kill La Kill is looking at a 2019 release. It has not yet announced the platforms to which it will be available on.  Nothing much can be seen from the teaser but on their site, the game is listed as a “Battle Action” game. From early screenshots, it looks slightly similar to those of Dragonball Xenoverse or Jump Force, one could only speculate.


….Screengrab via

Kill La Kill to appear at Anime Expo 2018

The game will be featuring at the Anime Expo 2018 on 5-8 July which will give more information regarding the game. Kill La Kill character designer Sushio as well as creative officer Hiromi Wakayabashi will be appearing as the guest of honors at the event.

Teaser video:

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