Cinderella Themed skins and items for Free Fire Elite Pass Season 37 | What are they?

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Right on the tail of Update OB27 is Garena Free Fire’s latest Elite Pass Season 37. It’s a pretty interesting one we might say, as the company is known for their collaborations by now. This time, the game features a Disney-esque crossover. Read on below.

Elite Pass Season 37

With Free Fire’s recent Season Passes being released, a pattern has emerged, and we’ve mentioned it on previous write ups as well. Collaborations is the pt they have taken, and with Elite Pass Season 37, it looks no different.

Word is out that this is a collaboration between Garena and Disney (although a quick Google search didn’t really bring up proper clarification on this). Although details of this particular collaboration are vague, it’s quite obvious that Elite Pass Season 37 is a nod to Cinderella (with the glass slipper and all). That, or it could just be a nod to the phrase “If the shoes fits…”.

Release Date?

From the looks of things, we’re looking at a June 1st release date, making this June’s Elite Pass. It will last throughout the whole month, and will feature rewards as per usual. Elite Passes can be purchased using Diamonds (which you can purchase for a great price at SEAGM!).

What are the “Cinderella Themed” Rewards in Elite Pass Season 37?

If you are unfamiliar, every season features exclusive rewards and items. Some of them are free, while others can be earned through a Season Pass. For Season 37, everything will fall under the Cinderella theme, and the list of rewards available are listed below:

  1. Monster Truck Skin
  2. Avatar
  3. Jacket
  4. Banner
  5. Female Bundle
  6. M1873 Skin
  7. Backpack
  8. Banner
  9. MP5 Skin
  10. Avatar
  11. Emote
  12. Surfboard
  13. Loot Box
  14. Male Bundle

Feeling a little bluish? | Source:

We did of course mention free rewards as well. Though they’re not as premium as the ones included in the full Elite Pass, they’re still worth checking out! For instance, we have:

  1. Avatar
  2. Jacket
  3. Banner
  4. Parachute

So with all that’s said, what are your thoughts on Elite Pass Season 37? Feeling a little blue with Cinderella? Or maybe you prefer a splash of red like the one from Bloodwing City? Moreover, you know where you can get your Diamonds from for a great price: right here, at SEAGM!

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