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Updated 8 June 2020: New scam site >

Updated 6 Dec 19: China scam site >

Updated 19 July 19: New scam site >,

Updated 21 Jan 19: New scam site >

It’s been a while since we last post information about scammers and scam. However, we were notify quite frequently by our customers that they were almost scammed China online game site that sells China Blade and Soul (剑灵) gold and items. Below is one of the sites ( that uses the classic 3rd Party Middelman scam. ( < here’s the page where they use SEAGM Maybank as their bank account).

China online game store scam site
China Scam site that uses SEAGM’s Maybank account to scam users via 3rd Party Middleman Scam

What is 3rd Party Middleman Scam? How it works?

This scam method has been used by scammers around the world for the longest time since online e-commerce boom since early 2000. Scammer who create sites or post in forums, Facebook Page/Group or directly PM you in game offering cheap items/gold/game top up card. A scam victim, who normally thought the found a bargain, agree to buy from the scammer, the scammer would give them another seller or online merchant’s bank account. The victim would then transfer money to the bank account given by the scammer. (Note: Victim normally because of greed forgets to check/verify the ownership of the bank account). Next the scammer would ask for the bank transfer information such as date/time of transfer, exact amount transferred, account holder name as well as the screenshot internet banking confirmation page or receipt of ATM/Cash Deposit Machine for the transfer.

The scammer would at the same placing order with another seller or online merchant website and then submits the bank transfer information given by the victim. Once the purchase from another seller or online merchant is successful, the scammer would block victim from Facebook/Wechat/Whatsapp or delete friends in-game.

Please do not become a victim to such scam. It’s not that difficult to do some checks and ask around about the reputation of any seller. DO NOT give your bank transfer information to anyone EXCEPT the legit online merchant you are buying from.

[Update 25th November 2016]: China scammers would also ask for mobile phone prepaid code such ash China Mobile Card 神州卡, iTunes Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, MOLPoints, Razer Gold, Razer Pin, Mycard and etc as payment.

Have you encountered ANY China scam site? Post it in the comment or inform us via our LiveChat at

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New Update of Scammer site (updated 26th March 2017):

[Updated 26th March 2017]

Another new China Scam Marketplace >> and This time they are targeting Mycard TW/HK.

China Scam Online Game Marketplace is registered by the same person who runs other scam sites we previously posted. Name Tang ZhengBing. This person has 181 domains that was register to run scam sites. Refer to this link >>

Scammer TangZhengBing

[Updated November 2016] Recently these China scammers is targeting MOLPoints. One newly identified site is Scammer Wechat user ID is jiangjiang0177


His information retrieved from



Latest China Scammer List (updated 16th June 2016):

Our customer informed us of this new China scam operator who uses SEAGM Maybank account. His information retrieved from


Below is the list of China Scam site belongs to the same person or group above: – Use SEAGM Maybank account

Registrant Name wangshanshi:


Registrant Name: shanshi wang


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