Scams Alert

#scammer ALERT:

Scammers are on the prowl again targeting players of online games. They are pretending to be SEA Gamer Mall staff or agents. Requesting their victims to bank in to our bank account. These victims in turn gave them their bank transfer information. Next, scammers use the bank transfer information to purchase products from SEA Gamer Mall.

Kindly note that SEA Gamer Mall does not hire agents and give them sales targets. Anyone who claims so = 100% scammer.

Normal scamming methods:
1. Pretend to be SEA Gamer Mall staff by offering PROMOTIONS by chatting up with players in-game chats.
2. Claim to be SEA Gamer Mall agent.
3. Pretend to be a seller of rare in-game items and offer it at a lower price and ask to bank to in SEA Gamer Mall bank account.
4. Pretend to be seller and getting fake accounts or friends to vouch for them.

DO NOT disclose bank in information details to anyone EXCEPT SEA Gamer Mall customer service via LiveChat and phone call to the phone number listed on our website.

Always check and report to our customer service via LiveChat when someone contacted you and claimed to be agents or staff inside the game chats, facebook page and chats, forums and other websites.

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