Dear all, over the years SCAMMERS has been targeting unaware online game players with different method and tactics to scam money. Many SCAMMERS also impersonate as SEA Gamer Mall staff to make scam victims believe that they are SEA Gamer Mall’s staff. Below are the lists of scammers known to SEA Gamer Mall and their scamming method:

Common scamming methods:

  • – Pretend to be legitimate seller – This is the most common scamming method use. Scammers would portray themselves as a seller of an ITEM, game gold or game cards. Often, their selling price are very attractive/low compare to market selling price merchants like SEA Gamer Mall. Victims normally would be attracted to buy from them thinking that they found bargain for their gaming needs. Scammers would “disappear” after receiving money banked in by victims by switching off phone or not answering in-game chats or SMS.
  • – Impersonate as staff from SEA Gamer Mall – Another common method is to impersonate as staff from SEA Gamer Mall. Scammers would message victims in Facebooks, forums, in-game chats and etc to tell victims of attractive promotions. Normally these fake promotions are high discounts, free in-game gold, lower priced game cards and so on.
  • – Editing online LIVECHAT screenshots – This is a method used by a scammer reported by a victim to SEA Gamer Mall support recently. In order to convince a victim, scammer went to SEA Gamer Mall’s LiveChat as a buyer to capture screenshot of a chat session. Next the scammer edited the LiveChat screenshot. However, if looking at it closely, the LiveChat screenshot was not done properly. Nevertheless, an unaware victim who are eager to buy cheaper in-game virtual goods might not be so alert. Example as below:
  • – Offering to buy on victims’ behalf with discount – Cheaper purchases is one of common tactic scammers are using to attract victims. Scammers would offer to help victims to buy on victims’ behalf by offering discounts. Gamers who has not purchased before thinks that the discount offered compare to the non-member pricing would find that offer is attractive.

Hereby, we would like to advice all customers and online gamers to take these preventive steps to prevent from being scammed:

  • – Whenever anyone claimed to be SEA Gamer Mall’s staff, always check with SEA Gamer Mall’s customer service officer via our official LiveChat or phone support to verify the identity of the person who approach you.
  • – When someone approach you with cheaper offers, please check the market pricing and ask around inside the game you are playing about the person who made the offer. Never buy from anyone whom you don’t know personally in real life.
  • – Always buy from trusted seller like SEA Gamer Mall.
  • Should you really want to buy from someone who made you offers, ALWAYS ask for their full name and contact details such as valid phone numbers.
  • – If you are buying from SEA Gamer Mall, NEVER reveal or tell anyone of your payment bank in details except to our customer service officer via SEA Gamer Mall’s official LiveChat or phone call to the phone numbers listed on our website. SEA Gamer Mall customer service officers only process payments and orders via our official LiveChat and phone.

Hope the above helps you to understand better.

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