The 7 Most Scariest Horror Games – Featuring Phasmophobia and more!

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Halloween was just a couple of days ago. Riding along the all the Halloween Sales that were going on, we had the pleasure (or in this case, the horror) of trying out 7 of the scariest horror games out there right now, and yes, we’ve included them below as well! Warning, jumpscares are definitely included in all of these horror games. So brace yourselves!

7 Most Scariest Horror Games

So in line with Halloween, we had some of our bravest (and one absolute chicken) try out the scariest Horror Games out there in a special one-week Halloween Special series. We kicked off with our first title:

Dark Deception

If Pacman and Horror had a baby, this is what its offspring would be. Dark Deception features excellent graphics and gameplay, with players having to run through a maze with crazy knife wielding monkeys (yes, monkeys) chasing after you. Bone chilling music, and easy-to-master controls makes Dark Deception such a fun title to play with. And yes, there are jumpscares, but they’re avoidable. Best of all, Chapter 1 is absolutely FREE!

Yomawari Night Alone

We were all fooled by how cute this game is, and then it started getting scary, and scarier, and even more SCARIER. Yomawari Night Alone was a title suggested by one SEAGM’s video wizards: Racoon (who’s in the video). When we first saw it, it didn’t seem to have anything to do with “horror”. Boy were we wrong! Yomawari takes you on a quiet evening stroll takes a turn for the worse as a tragic accident befalls a little girl and her dog.


There’s so much we can talk about when it comes to horror games. Then there’s GOHOME, which redefines what we expect from any horror game. The bigger question to ask when it comes to this game, is if it is a horror game at all? GOHOME is a game which is so wacky, that you’ll never see the jumpscare waiting at every corner. Not to mention how random the game is. BUT, that does not mean it’s not a good game, it’s SUPER FUN! The video above says it all!

Slender: The Arrival

Who doesn’t know Slenderman? It is indeed one of the staple titles within the whole “jumpscare” genre (is it even a genre?). Slender: The Arrival follows the footsteps of its predecessor, Slender: The Eight Pages, where players search for pages that prove the existence of Slenderman. But this time, Slenderman is NOT the only one you should look out for. Something else lurks in the darkness.

Emily Wants To Play Too

For ease of reading, we’re going to shorten this game’s title to EWTPT. If jumpscares are what you’re after, then look no further. EWTPT is a reminder that Five Night’s of Freddy has been topped. The easiest way to explain EWTPT is to watch our playthrough. Yes, laugh at our misery, but be warned! The game is truly SCARY!

Minds Eyes

Minds Eyes brings you to a world of dreams. You wake up from your slumber to constantly discover you are still asleep. You venture throughout your own home as well as some pieces of your imagination to discover who or what is keeping you at sleep. It’s a title that was released in 2016, and is still scaring people all over the world today. Best of all, it’s absolutely FREE!


And lastly, of course, it’s none other than the game that’s taking the internet by storm. Phasmopobia is a real phobia (as demonstrated by one of our players, who stayed in the truck the ENTIRE time) which is the fear of ghosts. It is a 4 player online co-op psychological horror title where you and your team members of paranormal investigators will enter haunted locations filled with paranormal activity and gather as much evidence of the paranormal as you can. What makes Phasmophobia stand out from the rest is its ability to actually speak to the ghosts. Players will have to call out the ghosts by their name, and communicate with them, which makes this experience all the more realistic.

To conclude, these are 7 of the scariest horror games available right now, and you can get them all on Steam! Which one is your favourite? If you’re planning on purchasing any of these games on steam, get your Steam Wallet Codes on SEAGM and get these games today!

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