How to unlock The Yaksha’s Wish in Genshin Impact

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The Yaksha’s Wish guide will show you where to unlock this quest and how to complete it. Unlike other Liyue quests, this isn’t one you can pick. Here’s how you can activate it and a step by step guide on how to complete it.

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How to unlock The Yaksha’s Wish

To unlock this quest, teleport over to the waypoint east of Jueyun Karst. Once you get there, head to the circular pattern that is visible on the map. Refer to the map below:

You will find a Ruin Tablet similar to the one from Secret of Tianqiu Valley quest. Interact with it and after a brief dialogue with Paimon, the quest will begin. The goal is to unlock that gate behind the Ruin Tablet in the ruins to get Yaksha’s treasure.

The Yaksha’s Wish quest guide

Next, we will begin with how to proceed with the quest.

  • Upon activating it, immediately turn to face East (you can determine this via your mini map compass). A very obvious light beam can be seen, head towards it.
  • Kill the group of Hilichurls and one Abyss Mage. Then, jump up slightly on the platform to receive the floating key. From here, you can look across to see the second beam of light. It’s the Hilichurl camp located Northeast.
  • At the camp, take out the Hilichurls. Be careful as there is a Geo Hilichurl Chieftain here. So make sure to bring a character that can break his Geo armor. Once you’re done, head into the hut and pick up the second key.

Before we head over to the third key, you can place the two keys into the Ruin Tablet first. Just walk over to it and this will trigger.

  • Now the third and last location is slightly further with no clear spot of the light beam unless you move around. You can see the beam if teleport back to the waypoint. There’s a Ruin Guard here, walk around the side if you don’t want to trigger it.
  • Climb up the broken tower and retrieve the third key. Finally, head back to the Ruin Tablet and hand in the final key.
  • The locked treasure room gate will open and you can head in to claim three Precious Chest.

Finally, don’t forget to head back to Liyue. Talk to the NPC to complete all your quests and claim the reward.

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