LCS Summer Split Begins!

by Sammy Chan
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League Championship Series Is Back!

The LCS season returns for the summer split in both NA and EU. Things get more intense on the Rift as players load into the new v7.10 patch. Expect changes in early plays around baron pit with the new Rift Herald and the return of tanks such as Sejuani and Zac.
Teams from both regions have had a little break to step back and reevaluate their rosters and strategies. Rosters have been changed, bootcamps were attended and players return with new skills for new challenges.
How will these pros perform in this split? This is the last chance for some of the teams to qualify for the World Championships. Will they be able to make the best of it?
The schedules for the matchups have been released so be sure to check them out and catch your favorite teams live, here’s the NA LCS Schedule and the EU LCS Schedule:
Hype trailers were released and they’re right– it’s time to come back.

EU Trailer

NA Trailer

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