Use bKash to buy PUBG Mobile UC in Bangladesh.

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A few months ago, SEAGM announced that bKash, one of the top Mobile Financial Service Providers in Bangladesh, was made available as a payment option on our website. Now, we’re going to show you how to buy PUBG Mobile UC using bKash!

What is it?

bKash is a Mobile Financial Service Provider based in Bangladesh, which provides a safe and easy way to make payments through your mobile phones. It is available for everyone, from any location, and all mobile networks in Bangladesh, therefore making it convenient for anyone, anywhere.

How to use bKash to buy PUBG Mobile UC?

Step by step guide

It’s easy! Just follow the steps below:

  • First, head to and click the search button;
  • Second, type “PUBG UC” in the search bar, enter, and select PUBG UC (Global)
  • Next, click your desired denomination, and click “Buy Now,”, followed by “Check Out” 
Choose denomination, and click “Buy now”
  • Then select online banking, and bKash as your Payment Method
Select online banking, and bKash as payment method
  • Lastly, enjoy!

SEAGM has PUBG Mobile UC in all sorts of denominations. Above all, with the bKash payment method, purchasing PUBG Mobile UC is so easy. Join the other 30 million bKash users, get equipped, and step into the realm of PUBG Mobile! Who knows? Maybe we’ll see you in game as well! Have you tried the new Mad Miramar map yet? It’s insane!

Also, if you’re from India, don’t worry! SEAGM has got you covered as well with Paytm and UPI! Click here to find out how.

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