Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Season 17: Tank Meta?

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is almost at Season 17 people! But with everyone talking about the new upcoming hero, Yu Zhong, as well as project NEXT, let’s shed some light on what could potentially be the new meta moving forward in Season 17, the Tank Meta!

Source: Mobile Legends Youtube Channel

So it seems that Tank heroes are going to be a major focus with this new 1.4.86 update. Why? Because they’re going to be introducing adjustments. Balance adjustments to be exact. This is done, to offer a better gaming experience for Tank mains. So are they buffs? Or have the tanks been nerfed?

First and foremost in Season 17 of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), Tanks will receive Damage Boosts, in hopes of making Tanks more versatile on the battlefield. Moonton wants Tank heroes to pose more of a threat, rather than just tanking damage, or sustaining control in team fights. 


Source: fourtygames

First off, Gatokaca, who will be receiving a new mechanic added to his passive skill. Taking damage will boost Gatokaca’s Rage, which in return, enhances his next basic attack. According to Moonton, this adjustment is done to give Gatokaca a higher damage output. Players will also be able to take the initiative and give the enemy a hard blow, after tanking a lot of damage.

In addition, his second skill charge mechanic will also be optimized. Time spent gathering power will only determine the range of the skill while the taunt duration remains the same. This change could make the cast timing of the second skill less of a concern as Gatokaca chains skill combos, and wreaks havoc on the battlefield.


Source: uhdpaper

Hilda’s shield (while in the bushes) has been drastically enhanced, allowing her to dominate the jungle area. That’s not all though, Hilda’s Ultimate Skill damage (when it is fully upgraded) has been drastically increased as well! Late game’s will now be very, very different if Hilda is around. 


Expect enhancements to Balmond’s second skill, Cyclone Sweep. Each time Cyclone Sweep hits an enemy, it subsequently increases the damage dealt, making Balmond a nasty twister of damage. Moreover, Balmond’s passive will also be receiving increased regeneration, as if being a killer axe cyclone wasn’t enough!

Tank Meta?

To conclude, Johnson, Baxia, Grock, Ruby, and MORE will also be optimized in this update as well, which brings us to our final question, will Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Season 17 be heavily Tank sided? Will we see a Tank Meta being the norm? A Tank main’s dream? Only one way to find out…

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