Bigetron RA Dominates PUBG Mobile World League East 2020

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The much hyped-up PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) East 2020 came to a chaotic conclusion last night. Bigetron RA secured first place in the league, with Orange Rock coming in second, RRQ Athena placing third and BOX Gaming fourth.

Top Teams of PUBG Mobile World League East

The League had been ongoing for almost a month, having started on July 11 and ending August 9. The 16 teams partaking in the finals have finally copped their cut of the massive US $425,000. Indonesian league champions Bigetron RA walks away with a whopping US $155,000 where $100,000 of it comes from placing 1st.

Indian PUBG Mobile team Orange Rock earned US $55,000 as runner-ups. In third place, Thailand’s RRQ Athena earned US $37,500 and fourth place’s Vietnamese representatives BOX Gaming secured a US $40,000 prize. Despite being in fourth place, BOX Gaming was awarded an additional US $10,000 for team member BreaK’s performance as the Finals MVP.

Below are a list of all participating teams and their winnings

pmwl east winners

A Consistent Performance

League Champions BTR RA have been putting up a show ever since the start of the season. They have consistently ranked first in the Opening Weekend, to the League plays all the way up to the Finals.

Orange Rock had a slightly rockier performance; dropping from second place in the Opening Weekend to tenth place in the League Plays, before finally making it back up to second for the Finals. RRQ Athena and BOX Gaming had mostly consistent performances. RRQ Athena has had some pretty sick highlight plays throughout the League as well.

There were some obstacles for BTR RA during the finals. According to their manager, Isfan Satraia Wijaya, the Bigetron RA apartment encountered a blackout, causing them to relocate to Bigetron Alpha’s accommodations.

A New Point System for upcoming Pro and World Leagues

The PUBG Mobile Esports’ association took the opportunity to unveil a new point system during the PMWL finals. The new system will apply the following changes:

  • First place: 15 points
  • Second place: 12 points
  • Third place: 10 points
  • Fourth place: eight points
  • Fifth place: six points
  • Sixth place: four points
  • Seventh place: two points
  • Eighth to 12th place: one point
  • 13th to 16th place: zero points

Kills will still individually merit one point. These changes are set to be implemented in the following PUBG Mobile World and Pro League and will continue to be in effect up to October 2020.

SEAGM’s very own Yoodo Gank had a strong Opening Weekend performance and placed third in the rankings, but that was quickly omitted after the League Plays. We all have our bad days, but rest assured we’ll all come back stronger, just like this guy says:

pmwl yoodo gank
“When Yoodo were SEA Chmpions we celebrated together. It’s not right that we abandon them when they’re down! Come on!! Indonesian teams strive off of their local community support. Let’s continue supporting Yoodo and Team Secret, no matter what their placement. #SAPOT!

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