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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a game that’s simple in every way. Minimal controls, clear cut objectives, and short time investments. While many are calling it the new battle royale game of 2020, it’s more akin to a party game. Instead of a single huge map, Fall Guys has 24 different bite-sized levels. 60 players are thrown into a cycle of 4-5 random maps, where the player count gradually decreases until there is a single winner. It’s vibrant, colorful, and friendly; despite adopting a “survival-of-the-fittest” aspect, none of it feels very hostile. Here’s a full Fall Guys Review after having spent eleven hours in the game.

fall guys review

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review

Many would say that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a battle royale game. However, aside from the “last-man-standing” aspect, it doesn’t share many gameplay elements with the genre. There’s no impending circle of doom, no looting the corpses of your enemies, and no extensive level exploration. There’s just you, your objective, and the 59 other players in between. There are three main categories of levels:

  • Race – players race to the finish line to qualify for the next round. Levels designed for races are typically long obstacle courses.
  • Eliminations – where players have one life and need to survive as long as possible to make it to the next round. These levels are usually in arena-like areas that encourage maximum player-to-player engagement.
  • Teams – any remaining players are divided into groups. Objectives are point-based. The team with the lowest points by the time limit have their players eliminated.

Level Design and Accessibility

A complete match consists of 5 levels, and the whole cycle lasts typically around 10-15 minutes. The flow usually starts with two race levels, an elimination level, followed by a team level. After around ten players are left out of the original 60, they head to one of the four “finale-exclusive” levels.

The levels adopt a cheerful, quirky aesthetic of mostly solid vibrant colors. On their own, levels are individually rather small and quick to grasp. However, a random mix of five for every match ensures a decent amount of excitement every time you play. While levels are often straightforward, you can sometimes find shortcuts hidden in plain sight. These shortcuts aren’t in the form of secluded or secretive paths, but rather exploiting the environments to the player’s advantage.

fall guys victory royale

Due to the quick nature of the game, it’s easy to get sucked into spending hours at a time during a session. While playing it for three hours straight for the sake of the review wasn’t taxing, I personally find myself enjoying it more by having quick 30-to-50-minute sessions with friends. That being said, it’s apparent that this game is very accessible in nature. Due to its short 15-minute commitment time, most audiences can enjoy the game despite having different time allocations for gaming.

In short, it’s nothing overwhelming. There isn’t a steep learning curve for players to be good at the game nor is there too high of a skill-ceiling that it becomes impossible for newcomers to snag wins. Despite so, it is heaps of fun. More so when you’re in a Discord chat with friends with matching outfits.

Progression and Drawbacks

It’s nice that Fall Guys has a “Battle Pass” system on it’s own. Players can still get rewards even if they don’t earn a victory royale. The progression is fairly reasonable and can be pretty quick if the player wins often. There are currently 40 tiers for Season 1, which lasts for 60 days. It’s short in comparison when compared to other games’ Battle Pass systems, but it’s still quite an amount of content to unlock.

One thing that did irk me is that games do tend to crash. Out of ten games, it would crash around two times on average. Additionally, despite gaining rewards proportionate to the number of rounds survived, players don’t get any Fame whatsoever if the game boots them out early due to server issues. Thankfully, since there isn’t much time investment required in the first place, it isn’t mind-numbingly frustrating when disconnections happen.

fall guys server issues
“Slime Climb” is one of those levels where making a mistake could cost you the entire game… so being disconnected when you’re this far in… 🙂

The game does contain microtransactions (MTX). There are two currencies, Crowns and Kudos. You can earn both of them through the Battle Pass and/or playing games, so it isn’t much of an issue farming them up. There is, however, a limited-time store that refreshes every few hours or so. This is where one might feel pressured to cash in to chase a particularly cute emote or costume. While it’s not outright disgusting for a 20-dollar live-service game, the motive is clear and it may be irksome.

Is Fall Guys a Must-Have? If you have Friends!

To summarize this Fall Guys Review, it’s a short, simple game that has plenty of humorous moments and a reasonable amount of depth. Players are rewarded for simply playing the game and the ability to play with friends makes it all the more welcoming. It may have its issues and an ultimately small amount of content some would get bored of within a weekend or two of playing, but those first few weekends are guaranteed to be filled with gleeful fun. I personally give this game a 7/10, but if you got a small amount of cash to spare and a whole squad to play with, then it is a must-buy.

We’ll be making guides on how to “git gud” at the game, so stick around SEAGM News!

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