Goddess MUA Open Beta Test is Live Now!

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Encounter the new MMORPG experience with Goddess MUA, the latest game developed by 4399en. Customize your avatar and immerse yourself into the world of Goddess MUA. Moreover, grind your way through multiple levels filled with a variety of enemies and monsters. As of today, the Goddess MUA Open Beta Test has surpassed 500,000 downloads.

goddess m open beta

With Goddess MUA, you can play alongside popular South Korean personalities such as Sejeong (Produce 101), DJ Soda, and Hye-In Jung (actress). They are all “Goddesses” you can encounter in-game.

Goddess MUA, or Goddess M, puts you in control of a fully customizable character in a graphically heavy 3D environment. Access a variety of missions and battle tons of enemies and monsters. Gain “power” and level up after every battle to strengthen your character. Face off against unique enemy bosses and subsequently increase your stats to send your character into Ascension.

goddess mua bluestacks

Gain challenge rewards for completing battles with the utmost finesse. Additionally, take part in limited-time events for exclusive rewards. Unlock various cosmetics to make your avatar stand out from the crowd! Can’t dedicate enough time to complete challenges? Not to worry, as Goddess M also rewards players for simply logging in!

Progress through the main story and summon cute goddess spirits from the demon world to assist you in battle. Follow an engaging chronicle that can be accessed at any time from the menu.

goddess mua dj soda

Ready to dominate one of the fastest-growing mobile MMORPGs of 2020? Download the Goddess MUA Open Beta Test on iOS and Android now! For more mobile gaming news coverage, head on over to SEAGM News.

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