PUBG gets a Training Mode

by Yong Chi Winn
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PUBG players get ready to as the game is getting an exciting new update. The PC update #21 has a lot to offer, including a new training map, weapons, vehicles, and additional bug fixes. For players that downloaded the test servers, this wouldn’t come as a shocker as the content is already available but fair to say that it is coming to the main game soon.

Hone your skills in Training Mode

Now players can sharpen and test their skills in Training Mode without the fear of dying. Sadly though players won’t be able to play this offline. To enter training mode, players will still need to queue similar to a regular match. The difference is that the minimum required players is five and goes up to a maximum of twenty. However, even with additional players, you are invincible since no one can die in training mode. Here’s a quick look at the Training Mode map:

pubg training mode

Screengrab via Steam

Since this is training mode, players will have access to all equipment, vehicles, and guns to play around with. As shown in the image above, players are able to practice their parachute landings which are crucial at the start of every game. The map is decent with a 2×2 size, though, do keep in mind that each training mode session has a 30 minute limit.

Tuk-tuk your way to chicken dinner!

Besides the training mode, the game is adding a new vehicle called the Tukshai also known as a Tuk-tuk. This three-person vehicle is exclusive to the Sanhok map. Although it acts as a substitute for the UAZ, Dacia, and Minibus, it is slower in comparison. Since Sanhok is relatively small compared to Miramar and Erangel, this vehicle fits in pretty well.

pubg tuk tuk

Screengrab via Steam

In terms of new weapon, the MK-47 Mutant is being added into the game. Available for all three maps, the weapon surely packs a punch with its 7.62mm ammo. However, it only has 20 round capacity but, this is upgradeable with an Extended Mag. On a side note, this weapon falls short to its other assault rifle counterparts since the weapon only has a single shot and two-round burst.

Additionally, there’s a new attachment, supply system and fixes made to the game. For more information, check out the  full patch notes here.

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