Alien: Isolation is FREE on Epic Games and You Should Totally Play It in 2021

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Alien: Isolation is an atmospheric horror game that takes place on the space station Sevastopol. It ties in with the Alien movie franchise, canonically taking place 15 years after the first movie. The player controls Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen Ripley. The main plot of the game is Amanda investigating the disappearance of her mother but soon stumbles onto other truths.

Alien: Isolation – Free on Epic Yet Again

Players can claim Alien: Isolation for free on Epic Games from April 22 to April 29. It’s been a free game on the platform before, so there is a chance this will be the last time players will get the opportunity.

Is Alien: Isolation Scary? I hate jumpscares

If you’re wondering on whether or not Alien: Isolation is scary, then we’ll break it down for you. Alien: Isolation is a game that is heavy on plot and atmosphere. For a game released in 2014, the graphics are decent if not great, and gore moments can send a chill down your spine. It’s a game that keeps the protagonist in a helpless state and emphasizes stealth in order to survive. Along the way, you will obtain weapons such as a revolver, but ultimately, your main go-to tool will be a motion tracker.

alien isolation how to get the maintenance jack

Alien: Isolation provides a realistic “what-if” horror situation aboard a dying space station. Aside from the big bad itself, you will meet other threats that we won’t disclose because of spoilers. Your character is severely underpowered. You only have your wit and a handful of tools to avoid detection.

Who is Alien Isolation for? Will I be able to play it?

It depends on the person, but we believe that SEGA’s take on Alien can be played by anyone as long as they’re ok with mild gore. The game is excellently paced with achievable micro-puzzles in between exploration, and the cutscenes and characters all make it as if you’re playing through a rewarding drama rather than a jump scare simulator. That said, it is littered with scary moments and will put you through actually tense situations.

If you’re someone that’s looking for a cinematic experience with decent amounts of puzzle-solving in a very daunting environment, it is for you. However, you should pass if you cannot stand the sight of excessive blood and gore. It is DEFINITELY not for people expecting an action-adventure game, as most of the gameplay is stealth-orientation and environment interaction.

Of course, if you’re struggling you can always check out our game guides!

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