9 Games you should look out for this summer sale

by Patrick Mark
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Sit back and get ready because the Summer sale is here and SEAGM presents to you with what games you should be looking to buy during this massive discounted sale. Also, if you didn’t know, SEAGM is having its own Storewide Summer Sale, this 23rd June to 2nd July 2022.


Elden Ring

Release: February 2022

Don’t let the reviewers scare you with it being a hard game to play, yes it is a challenging game if you’ve never played any game of the Dark Souls series. Still, like all of them, it is incredibly satisfying to defeat a tough enemy finally. There’s also the inclusion of progressing the story with your friends via multiplayer, and the content there is much content to explore which does not include the upcoming content by From Software.


Monster Hunter Rise- Sunbreak

Base Game Release: March 2021
Expansion Release:  June 2022

The expansion for MHR will add Master Rank quest content with even more monsters and weapons to explore. While the expansion can be costly, the base game will not only come at a discount, but Capcom doesn’t disappoint when they demand you to pay full price for their DLC, definitely worth the experience.



Final Fantasy 7 – Remake Intergrade

Base Game Release: April 2020
Expansion Release: June 2022 (pc)

A fully-fledged remake of the classic FF VII on the PS1 from 1997 with 40+ hours of content? Check. In addition to new content, Episode Intermission includes another 10 hours of content? Yes, please. A little bit on the pricey side but I’d say wait till there’s a huge discount on it then get it, you won’t regret it.

God of war 

Release: 2018 (PS4) 2022 (PC)

You may not have a PS4 but want to get in on God of War, or you may be like me and get it on both to appreciate the high resolution and frame rate on pc. One of the best games of all time with non-stop action and mind-challenging puzzles but at the end of the day, it’s the rich story that makes the experience worth your time and money.

Nioh 2

Release: 2021

You don’t have to play the first installment in order to understand the lore of Nioh 2. Some say that it’s the easier version of Dark souls but I’d say that both games may be in the same genre but offer different mechanics and play styles that force players to learn and reward them in their own way.

Red Dead Redemption 2 

Release: 2018

Yes, it is an old game, 4 years old to be exact. But there are hundreds and thousands of others getting their hands on this game. It’s said so that even the price of the game itself has not budged a single bit which explains why this game is extremely good and why you should get it when it’s on sale.

star wars Jedi: Fallen order 

Release: 2019

A lot of souls-like games in this list but hey. If you’re a Dark souls fan and a Star Wars nerd, it’s a win-win. It’s also beginner-friendly since you can adjust the difficulty level to your liking to even just play the game for the story, we won’t judge.

star wars battlefront II 

Release: 2017

Even with EA’s greed and failure of this franchise, it’s still a damn fun game to play whether solo or with friends. Now that the content is basically you get what you paid for, no more annoying loot box scheme behind microtransactions.

Forza Horizon 5 

Release: 2021

If you’re into cars and just like driving them, hearing their engines roar with no particular story to discover, Forza Horizon fits the description perfectly. With the 5th installment of the game, the only thing you’ll be paying for is to experience the massive choices of cars to drive on a humongous map just to relax after a long day of work.


What do you think? Do you agree with our list? What other games could we add here, let us know


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