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by Sammy Chan
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Image via Yurei Station

So, somehow my friends managed to convince me to play a horror game. And I succumbed to peer pressure because I am a weak human being.
Yurei Station is a indie horror game available to play on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. It features a girl who seems to be taking a night train with no destination in mind. The game is inspired by Japanese ghost stories, and was written and designed by Atelier Sentô, based on their memories of their life in Japan, and on the trains they used to take at dawn.
The gameplay is a series of short and easy puzzles, accompanied with an overwhelmingly eerie background music that makes all the hair on your body stand at attention. While the game is not outright scary, you will feel some level of fear while playing this short adventure game. Personally, I didn’t understand the folklore of Japanese ghost stories, and was unable to relate on a deeper level other than what I see and hear. The game was short and sweet, and is definitely worth a check out for its artwork and music. If you want to backseat game, check out my short and confused playthrough of the game:

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