You Can Now Pay Using Visa & Mastercard Instead of PayPal at SEAGM

by Daniel
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Recently, PayPal has limited their payment services across several platforms, SEAGM included. Not to worry, however, as SEAGM will now be introducing Visa and Mastercard credit AND debit card payments as an alternative. This way, our customers from all over the world will have a much more commercial and accessible method of payment.

So, why use Visa and Mastercard while PayPal is down on SEAGM?

Credit card transactions reach nearly USD $1,000,000,000,000 in value per year. Visa and Mastercard are two out of the four most internationally recognized and trusted brands of credit payment services. Instead of directly issuing memberships to the public, they associate themselves to member financial institutions such as banks.

That means that there is a high chance your local bank provides Visa and/or Mastercard for your funds account. That alone speaks volumes on the trust rating Visa and Mastercard have.

You get heaps of benefits by using credit cards. Some of them include cashback, special discounts, membership benefits, a dedicated points reward system and so much more. Additionally, spending your credit card responsibly increases your credit score. Having a good credit score makes it easier to apply for house loans, car loans, etc.

You can also use Visa and Mastercard as debit cards. Debit cards directly deduct funds from your bank account, and is perfect for those that do not rely on a regular-basis income.

Visa and Mastercard are trusted brands that you can rely on for safe, secure and fast online transactions. They are the perfect alternative payment method while SEAGM works with PayPal to recover their services. For more on alternate payment options to PayPal available at SEAGM, be sure to check out SEAGM News!

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