How to unlock Mondstadt reputation – Genshin Impact

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One of the new feature in Patch 1.1 is the city reputation system. Here’s how to unlock Mondstadt reputation system in Genshin Impact.

These are the requirements for Mondstadt reputation system.

Requirements to unlock Mondstadt reputation

  • Adventure Rank 25
  • Complete the Archon Quest Prologue: Act I “The Outlander Who Caught the Wind”.

How to unlock Mondstadt reputation system

First, take the teleport waypoint close to the Alchemist to Mondstadt.

Then, jump over the edge and take a left turn.

Next, take another left turn when you reach Diluc’s tavern.

Finally, go down the stairs and Hertha is there. Talk to her to unlock reputation system for Mondstadt.

Reputation Reward for Mondstadt

Upon completing bounties, request and Mondstadt quests plus exploration you will gain Reputation XP. There are 8 levels of rewards to obtain. Here they are:

In summary, you will unlock new features for Mondstadt: mining outcrop search and merchant discounts. There are three recipes to obtain. Also, you get to unlock instructions to make devices. These help in your search for Anemoculus and treasure chests in Mondstadt.

Diagram unique to Mondstadt are the Wind Catcher and Portable Waypoint.

Finally for cosmetic, you get two namecard and one wing upon reaching level 8.

That’s all for Mondstadt! You can find the Liyue reputation guide here.

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