Question Your Moral In Graveyard Keeper

by Yong Chi Winn
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Indie game developer and publisher tinyBuild have released the first ever gameplay trailer for the highly-anticipated Graveyard Keeper. The pixel art top-down simulator was teased numerous times at PAX and GDC.

The ultimate tease

The gameplay trailer provides a glimpse of the number of activities you can do as the graveyard keeper. First and foremost, you’ll be building graves and burying bodies. However, your graveyard scene is your ‘business’. You’ll have to make some morally questionable decisions for the sake of it. Though there is no footage of actually murdering your fellow townspeople, several screenshots on the game’s website are suggestive of it. In the pursuit of business, you may anger the spirits of the deceased.

Image via tinyBuild

The gameplay trailer shows upgradable skill trees where you can forge different types of materials into tools. To gather materials, you can either search for them or trade with non-playable-characters of the town. There is a currency system, but you can also utilize the barter system should and an NPC have a mutual desire.

You don’t just keep to yourself

Speaking of interactions, you can also entertain yourself and get social with the townspeople… by attending public witch executions. You’ll also explore the vast pixelated world to gather the resources you need for better tools and items. Once you’ve made a name for yourself, go out and forge business alliances with others to further thrive your business.

Image via tinyBuild

You can also explore dungeons for rare materials. Make sure you forge a durable weapon as you’ll be fending off bats and mythical fiends in your expedition. Graveyard Keeper is definitely a game that toy with your moral values and desire for profit. To quote the announcement trailer, “Our hero indeed has the most important job in the land, so that the fallen can rest in peace and keep their honor.” while the website shows a screenshot of you dumping a body in the river.

Image via tinyBuild

This is the story of business triumph and pure capitalism. This is the story of the Graveyard Keeper, coming to XBox One and PC. Sign up for the Alpha here!

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