FFXIV: Sigmascape V2.0 Savage Text Guide

by Sammy Chan
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The V2.0 Savage Text Guide! If you’ve heard rumors of V6S being easier than V5S then you’ve heard correctly. Unlike in the Phantom Train. Demon Chardarnook has close to zero randomnesses in its fight. The fight sequence fixed so there really is no excuse for you to screw up the mechanics once you’ve been in there a couple of times. The only thing that you might find a hurdle in this fight is the DPS check. But let’s get you through the mechanics first!

List of Attacks

Demonic Howl – Heavy hitting raid-wide AoE.
Poltergeist – A healer specific mechanic. You have to look at it to stop it from advancing towards you. If you get caught, you die instantly.
Divine Lure – A sight based mechanic that happens during Poltergeist so be sure to look away just before the cast. It usually doesn’t affect tanks and DPS. Just the healers because they have to be looking at the Poltergeist to keep it away.
Demonic Shear – Tankbuster
Lullaby – 4 players have to grab a colour and gather in the middle sketch. Usually 2 healers and 2 DPS will handle this but it can be any player, really. After the lullaby cast finishes, use your paint to summon the Siren. If you fail this mechanic, the whole team will be afflicted with Apathy. Which basically sucks out all your TP and MP and you can’t regenerate any.
Demonic Stone – 2 DPS will get marked with the stone markers that will follow them for 5 ticks. Make sure to run away from the party and the stone if you’re targeted with this, because it cleaves.
The Storm’s Grip – A stack mechanic that can be cheated by having a PLD or DRK stand in it alone and pop Hallowed Ground or Living Dead respectively.
Possession – Just like in normal mode, Demon Chardanook’s Possession attack depends on which painting he possesses and it always happens in this sequence.

First Possession: Flash Fire

Just like in normal mode except, remember to walk over the blue paint in order to get the fire resistance. You must get the fire resistance buff before he finishes casting Possession.

Second Possession: Stone

First, you need to assign a healer to take the pink paint to mount Typhoon. This is important for later. During this possession, AoEs will appear under random players so, in order to make this mechanic easy to dodge, everyone runs to the south-west corner of the room and stack tightly to bait the AoE. After the AoE drops, run out and wait for the attack to go off. And then everyone but the healer assigned to Typhoon, run back to the same spot and stack again.
The healer assigned to Typhoon will have to mount him, bring him to the group and blow the one easterly that’s sitting on top of the group to create a safe spot. You must position yourself such that you face the direction you want to blow the Easterly, remember to click on it to target it and then use Typhoon’s skill. Just like in normal mode. Except if you fail, you wipe your group. No pressure, right?

Third Possession: Flash Fire & Earthquake

Again, just like in normal mode you’ll have to get the fire resistance first and then get on the airplane. However, this time, remember you have to be holding the right colored paint in order to use the paintings. So take the blue paint to get your fire resistance and then get the black paint to mount the airplane.
Then you’ll want to stack together in the north-east side of there room and stay there. You can dismount after earthquake goes off but DO NOT MOVE AWAY FROM THE BOSS. Wait for a few ticks because Waterfall is going to cleave the whole room and the only safe spot is right by the boss’s hitbox.

Fourth Possession: Water & Stone

This one is just like the second possession. Except you’ll need someone to get the yellow paint to summon the rock. After the stone AoE goes off, run behind the rock to avoid the line of sight for waterfall. This is the most you’ll need to know. Everything else is just a repeat. Pay attention to the painting he possesses and react accordingly.

Sequence of Attacks

0:00 – Demonic Howl
0:10 – Demonic Shear
0:30 – 1st Possession (Flash Fire)
0:50 – Storm’s Grip & Demonic Howl
1:05 – Poltergeist
1:10 – Demonic Shear
1:15 – Divine Lure
1:20 – Demonic Howl
1:25 – Demonic Pain
1:40 – Demonic Howl
1:50 – Release
2:00 – 2nd Possession (Stone)
2:15 – Demonic Shear & Easterly
2:20 – Demonic Howl
2:30 – Demonic Howl
2:50 – Last Kiss
2:57 – Demonic Howl & Poltergeist & Last Kiss Explosion
3:07 – Demonic Shear
3:09 – Divine Lure
3:12 – Demonic Storm
3:24 – Demonic Howl
3:37 – Release
3:42 – 3rd Possession (Flash Fire & Earthquake)
4:02 – Waterfall
4:07 – Materialize
4:17 – Demonic Pain
4:23 – Lullaby
4:32 – Demonic Howl
4:39 – Demonic Howl
4:44 – Demonic Shear
5:00 – Demonic Stone
5:12 – Demonic Howl
5:31 – Release
5:36 – 4th Possession (Stone & Water)
5:53 – Demonic Wave and Easterly
6:03 – Demonic Howl
6:13 – Materialize & Stack & Demonic Lure
6:44 – Demonic Howl
6:54 – Demonic Pain
7:00 – Last Kiss & Flash Flood
7:14 – Demonic Howl & Last Kiss Explosion
7:29 – Demonic Shear
7:42 – Release
7:48 – 5th Possession (Flash Fire & Earthquake)
8:06 – The Storm’s Grip
8:10 – Demonic Howl
8:20 – Demonic Shear
8:30 – Materialize
8:36 – Poltergeist
8:48 – Demonic Stone
8:54 – Demonic Howl and Divine Lure
9:00 – Demonic Shear
9:10 – Demonic Pain
9:20 – Demonic Howl
9:30 – Release
9:37 – 6th Possession (Stone and Water)
9:52 – Demonic Wave
10:02 – Demonic Howl & Easterly
10:13 – Materialize
10: 21 – Demonic Howl (Enraged)
And there you have it, the whole fight! If you haven’t already, check out our other guides here.

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