What’s new in PUBG M Update 0.17.0?

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PUBG M Season 12 is here, and with it, comes the 0.17.0 Update, and boy does it pack a lot. Amusement Parks, a new shotgun, new additions to gameplay like death replays, colourblind mode, SEAGM’s PUBG M Pre-Season 12 Sales (read till the end), and much more!

There’s so much to talk about, so let’s just jump straight in and find out what’s new in PUBG M Update 0.17.0, and what Season 12 has in store for us shall we?

New Features

Before we get started, do take note that the new update takes up a total of 1.69 GB of storage space on Android, and 1.95 GB of storage space on iOS. 

Image Sources: reddit – PUBGMobile

Amusement Park Mode

You read that right, that’s Amusement Park(s) with an ‘S’. In the Amusement Park Mode, look out for Old School Amusement Parks appearing randomly in three locations on the Classic Erangel map during Erangle Matchmaking in Classic Mode.

Arcade Machines can be found in the Amusement Parks, as well as in Major Towns, which can be activated with Tokens. There are also 6 Games and Attractions that you don’t want to miss; 

  • Hunt Game
  • Space War
  • What’s in the Box
  • Shooting Range
  • Trampoline
  • Reverse Bungee

Take the extreme challenge and look for Reverse Bungee machines that appear in the middle of the Amusement Parks. Launch into the air to use your parachute, and glide again!

**Amusement Parks will be available starting March 12th 2020

New WeaponDBS Shotgun

The DBS double-barreled shotgun is here, and can be obtained through airdrops. It’s capable of holding 14 rounds of 12 gauge ammo, firing 2 shots at a time. It’s faster in terms of reloading speed as compared to previous shotguns’, and can be outfitted with either a Holographic Sight, Red Dot Sight, or 2x – 6x Scope.

Death Replay

You can now watch how you got eliminated from your attackers POV.

Colorblind Mode

There is now a colorblind mode that has been in the Graphic Settings, providing more color options for the in-game indicators (ie: Poison, Smoke, and Auxiliary Lines.)

Arctic Mode

Take to the battlefield and face arctic storms that appear periodically in Vikendi. Players will have to maintain and keep their body temperature high to survive the storm. How to maintain body temperature?

  • By using a lighter to light a fire indoors, and gathering branches to add to the fire to increase heating time.
  • By hunting chickens and roasting it on the fire. Consume it to restore body temperature. 
  • By using Heater’s / Heat Packs,

There will also be snowboards from the Winter Festival in this mode, allowing players to enjoy a little Snowboarding, as well as drones that can scout surrounding areas, allowing players to tap into new tactical gameplay.

Hardcore Mode is BACK!

The PC version of PUBG, in the palm of your hands. No auto pickups, no automatic door opening, or reloads. Hardcore Mode returns! 

Royale Pass Season 12

PUBG M’s Royale Pass Season 12 is set to be released on the 9th of March 2020. However, we did a little exploring of our own, and here’s what we have. It’s PUBG M’s 2nd Anniversary, and there have been leaks everywhere. According to this source, there are three skins, with the final tier reward being a Robotic Skin… 

Is this the rumored Robot Skin? (Source)


We now have the ability to adjust the voice volume for a single teammate in battle, you know… just in case you’ve got one that doesn’t know how to shut up. Universal Marks have also been added, allowing players to mark locations, supplies, vehicles, death crates and doors. 

There are a ton of other improvements included this time around. While we won’t be taking a deep look at each one per se, we will however list them out as they are worth mentioning.

  • Firearm Balancing
  • Classic Mode – Other Improvements
  • Feature Improvements (Bluetooth headphone latency)
  • Improved Performance
  • Effect Upgrade
  • Added Team Reservation
  • Popularity Improvements
  • Synergy Feature Improvements
  • Radio Feature
  • Crew Challenge Upgrade
  • Bonus Challenge – Tournaments
  • Esports Centre
  • Added Grenade Kill Broadcast
  • Inventory Improvements
  • Rookie Mission
  • Tutorial Improvements
  • Download Improvements
  • Team Deathmatch – Camera Improvements

Phew… Now for all of you who are really into details, we’ve certainly got you covered. For a full list and descriptions of each one of the above, click here.

WOW! What a long one. To conclude, the latest update packs a HUGE punch, and we can’t wait for Royale Pass 12 to be available! With that said, it looks like we may have forgotten something…

OH YEAH! If you’ve made it to the end of this article, lucky you!

Finally, in conjunction with Season 12 of PUBG M, SEAGM will be having a Pre-Season 12 Sale! Great timing to stock up on those UC’s eh? You get our BIGGEST discounts to date! Want to know more? We’ve got you. Click here.

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