PUBG M Pre Season 12 Sale

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Season 12 of PUBG M is here! And if you were paying close attention to the previous season, you will know that SEAGM had a similar thing with Season 11 previously right? Well, guess what? We’re back with more!! Above all, we’re going big! It’s SEAGM PUBG M Pre Season 12 Sale

SEAGM loves all PUBGM players. Therefore, we are offering PUBG M UC prepaid codes with the highest discounts we have ever done! In other words, we’re giving 12% off on PUBG M UC Prepaid Codes!

Top up UC now with SEAGM for PUBG M Season 12 Royale Pass!

PUBG M Pre Season 12
12% Off on PUBG M UC Prepaid Code

Offerings / Promotions:

12% discount on PUBG M UC Prepaid Code

·         PUBG M 300+25 UC

·         PUBG M 600+60 UC

·         PUBG M 1500+300 UC

·         PUBG M 3000+850 UC

How to buy?

To enjoy the discount off your UC purchase, all you have to do is complete these easy steps:

  1. Head on over to SEAGM’s PUBG M UC page
  2. Choose the desired amount that you want to purchase.
  3. Add the desired UC to your cart, then view cart.
  4. Key in this discount code: PUBGMM12 at the voucher code box before checking out. (THE CODE ABOVE HAS BEEN FULLY REDEEMED PLEASE USE THE NEW CODE: PUBGMS12)
  5. Check out, and enjoy your 12% discount!
Learn how to redeem your 12% discount

Once You Received The UC Prepaid Code, You May Convert It Into UC Anytime

  1. Visit and enter your PUBG M Player ID.
  2. Enter the code, and then click OK to redeem.
  3. You will receive the UC in your PUBG M account immediately after redemption.

Terms & Conditions

  1. SEAGM’s PUBG M Pre Season 12 Sale will only be available from 6th to 9th of March 2020
  2. You need a SEAGM account to enjoy this promotion.
  3. The duration in which customer will receive their code is instant.
  4. Only ONE redemption per user
  5. Not applicable for agents
  6. Note: * This product is not applicable for China / Japanese / Korean / Taiwan / Vietnam servers.
  7. Limited to 1,000 redemptions.

So, are you ready for Season 12? Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy big discounts with SEAGM: PUBG M Pre Season 12 Sale. But please remember to top up early! Avoid last-minute top-ups and delays. Have a good Season 12 everyone!

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