What is slugging in Identity V and is it TOXIC?

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If you were to search up slugging in Identity V, you’ll find many heated debates about its viability as a strategy and whether it’s a toxic playstyle. This article will teach you everything you need to know about slugging and give you a better perspective on whether slugging is or is not considered toxic.

What is slugging? WHY is the name slugging?

The tactic called slugging originated from Dead by Daylight, which was the first asymmetrical horror game. Slugging is the action of downing a survivor and intentionally not putting them on the hook. In Identity V, the equivalent would be intentionally not chairing a person after downing them.

Many people think that the term slugging relates to punching or brawling. It makes sense if the intention of the term is to throw punches around until all the survivors go down. Unfortunately, this theory is incorrect. The REAL reason is that survivors that go down crawl around really slowly, which makes them look like a slug.

So why do people slug?

Slugging is actually an important tool within a hunter’s toolbox. In fact, there is a hunter named Percy that can only eliminate survivors through slugging since his traits make it so that he can’t chair survivors at all. However, he is an exception. Let’s go over the reasons to actually use slugging as a “regular” hunter.

Percy The Slugging Hunter

Percy, the only hunter in the game that cannot chair survivors

Firstly, you don’t waste time picking up a survivor and bringing them to a chair. Secondly, by keeping a survivor off a chair, it means that the other survivors can’t instantly save the chaired survivor. Lastly, you don’t have to guard the chaired survivor and stay in one spot. Thus, slugging gives the hunter more time to track down or prevent the other survivors from rushing the cipher machines.

Let’s take a look at what happens when a hunter slugs (in an ideal situation). Firstly, the slugged survivor will not be able to do much. Secondly, unless the downed survivor has Exit Path, a second survivor will have to pick them up. Thirdly, you’ll be able to chase down one more survivor. This leaves us, at best, with one more survivor working on cipher machines. In other words, the hunter gets to stall the game while leaving “free damage” on the survivor team, which in turn makes it easier to down those survivors again.

However, there are some downsides to slugging as well. What happens if a hunter did not hit anybody else before the other survivors pick up the slugged survivor? Essentially, the hunter has wasted all that time and did not get any closer to killing a player.

As you can see, slugging is not a simple choice to make. It is an investment and a risk to leave a survivor on the ground. A hunter needs to assess their current situation and the possible outcomes from choosing to slug rather than doing it blindly.

Why is slugging considered toxic in Identity V?

The primary reason that people (survivor mains in particular) consider slugging to be toxic is that it’s boring and impacts their gaming experience. Slugging, at its core, is about locking out a player from being able to contribute to their team. And that makes for a rather negative experience. It also causes the game to go longer if the hunter is not skilled enough to close out the game with the advantages he created.

It’s a lose-lose situation for our poor hunters. If they slug in Quick Matches, they’re called toxic because they’re a tryhard or making the game not quick. If they slug in Ranked Matches, they’re hated because it wastes time and there is a limited window each day to queue for Ranked. Despite that, as we went over in the points above, slugging actually does serve a purpose. If a hunter is slugging with the intention of winning, it’s generally not seen as toxic (although there will always be contention from whiny survivors).

However, if a hunter has managed to down all the survivors and is slugging just to run around, waste time or show off, that is without a doubt a toxic thing to do. This is especially bad if the hunter has killed two or three survivors and intentionally slugs the last one for no reason, as it is already a guaranteed victory.

Hopefully, this article helps you understand hunters better and keeps you tilt-free if they choose to slug you! If it did, you might want to check out more of our Identity V content here.

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