Identity V Christmas 2021 Event Guide

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2021 is coming to a close and the Christmas cheer has arrived in the form of a new event in Identity V! Let’s go over all the things that you can get during the event!

The Star of the Show

The main attraction is, of course, the Gamekeeper – Christmas Reindeer costume. The costume is sporting an adorable reindeer plush on his head and a comically un-threatening fake moustache. Dressed for the winter, he’s also decked out in a red and green sweater and some fluffy, red gloves and boots. The costume also comes with some special effects that aren’t very apparent in this image. Firstly, there are light bulbs strewn across his antlers that emit a soft glow. Secondly, his chained hook is replaced with a miniature red-and-golden sleigh. This image really doesn’t do the costume justice because it looks way better in-game.

You can pick up the costume for 1388 Echoes. If you buy it within the first week, you’ll get a 15% discount, picking it up 1178 Echoes instead!

Identity V Gamekeeper Christmas Skin 2021

The star of the show: Gamekeeper – Christmas Reindeer

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Christmas Rewards to Earn!

You can earn the Event Portrait, B-Rank Reindeer Accessory,  and 7-Day Costume Trial Cards (Cowboy and Barmaid’s Xmas Ensemble) just from logging in each day. The Event Portrait features a cute chibi version of the Gamekeeper – Christmas Reindeer costume! Meanwhile, you can also earn Christmas Coins from battles to redeem cosmetics. Specifically, they are the Barmaid and Cowboy’s Xmas Ensemble costumes and the Event Portrait Frame. The Event Portrait Frame is adorned with a little reindeer and the Cowboy in his Xmas Ensemble costume riding on a sleigh.

Cosmetics available during Identity V Christmas Event 2021

Available cosmetic items during the Christmas Event 2021.

Other than that, Seer – Future Sight and Smiley Face – Dark Xmas will also be available in the event store for 100 Spyglasses each. Free-to-play players rejoice! These two costumes were part of the 2018 Christmas event and are not available any other time. Make sure to pick them up while they’re available!


Let’s take a closer look at the Barmaid and Cowboy Xmas Ensemble costumes. Remember you can redeem these using Christmas Coins, a special currency that you’ll be able to earn during the event. They each cost 15 coins but according to official sources, you’ll only be able to redeem one of them so choose wisely!

Identity V Barmaid Cowbow Xmas Ensemble Christmas Skin 2021

The Xmas Ensemble costumes for Cowboy and Barmaid

If all these images aren’t cutting it, we also have a video featuring the Christmas costumes and map. You can watch it on the official IDV Weibo or their Facebook page. We’ve also included a YouTube mirror from GEISHAGAMING here:

Happy Holidays to all Hunters and Survivors out there! If you found this article helpful, you might be interested in our other Identity V content here.


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