How to get the Fire Stance in Ghost of Tsushima: How to climb Mount Jogaku

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This visual + text guide covers how to get the Way of the Flame ability in Ghost of Tsushima. This skill is the last of seven mythic tale abilities you can unlock. This skill is great for aggressive players that want to sneak in additional damage over time. The mountain can be difficult to traverse, however, so here’s a guide on how to climb Mount Jogaku without freezing.

ghost of tsushima review

This rumor becomes available when you unlock the “Heart of the Jito” main quest in Act 3. Head to the north of the Kamigata region.

How to Get the Undying Flame Quest

  1. Progress the main story to Act III and unlock main quest “Heart of the Jito”
  2. Head to the map location and look for this house:
    way of the flame peasant location
  3. You will find a speech bubble indicator attached to a peasant. Speak to her to reveal the rumored location for “The Undying Flame” musician.
  4. Next, proceed to find Yamato at the foot of the mountain. Proceed to speak to him and listen to his tale.
  5. You can now climb Mount Jogaku and obtain the skill “The Way of the Flame”. Now here comes the tricky part.

How to Climb Mount Jogaku without Freezing

Mount Jogaku has unforgiving weather and will deal damage to you over time. To combat this, you need to quickly navigate your way through the snow-storm ridden mountain before frostbite kicks in. There will be campfires left behind by less-fortunate adventurers for you to catch your breath.

  1. Your first landmark after the campfire is the bridge to the left. Cross the bridge and head towards the left to continue climbing the mountain. There will be a fireplace waiting for you. Dodge-roll away from the dogs as the frostbite windows are rather tight.
    way of the flame ghost of tsushima
  2. Once you’ve recovered, proceed straight and grapple the tree trunk stub, climb the footholds which should be right in front of you (you might miss it) and you’ll be greeted with a fireplace.
    undying flame ghost of tsushima
  3. Proceed straight and climb. You’ll meet an NPC, talk to him to trigger the following events.
  4. Next, move forward with a slight right lean. You will encounter two broken bridges. You can cross the first bridge easily. The second one is a scam. Don’t get on. Instead, while on the snowy area before it, jump towards the left and grapple onto the tree stub. Once you’ve done that, maneuver the footholds and light the campfire.
    undying flame guide
  5. Once you’ve done that, proceed to the area where you can grapple and climb mountain footholds. When you reach the end of the footholds, lean heavily towards the branch before jumping on it. To be safe, wait for the command prompt to pop up. Frostbite only gradually decreases your health, so it’s okay if Jin starts whining about being cold. Once you’ve finished climbing, light the fire.
    ghost of tsushima guide
  6. From the campfire, make a hard left and begin climbing the footholds.
  7. If you reach a dead-end, you need to jump and grapple to continue climbing, then you can proceed with the second set of footholds on your left.
  8. Be careful of the bear
  9. Jump the small gap. For higher chances of success, stick to the left side while running.
  10. Fight Bettomaru to learn the Way of the Flame.

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Ghost of Tsushima is a game that has innovated the traditional and conventional means of the HUD. Therefore, it can be a tad bit difficult to navigate and locate objectives.

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