Were you a winner of the SEAGM X U Mobile Master Series?

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If you’ve been browsing our website the last couple months, chances are, you’ve probably come across our SEAGM X U Mobile Master Series Collaboration. It’s been going on since the 23rd of June 2020, and we’re glad to say that it was a great one! What was it about? What did you miss? Let’s take a look!

U Mobile Master Series

The U Mobile Master Series “overall” lasted from the 8th of May all the way to 12th of August, with SEAGM taking part in it from 23rd of June onwards. In a nutshell, it involved buying anything from SEAGM’s website, and winning a share of more than 120,000 UC. The main giveaway was a total of 3,850 PUBG Mobile UC, followed by 2,460, and 1,800 in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively, each of which were given out to ONE lucky winner. There were also 20 winners who won 660 UC each. 

Missed out and wondering what was it all about? Well, participating is easy! All that was needed is:

  • U Mobile Number
  • Sending a test
  • Wait for a verification code
  • Spend and buy anything at SEAGM.com

Winners List

Source: u.com.my
Source: u.com.my

**(Final Round 6 winners list to be released soon)**

That’s all there was to it. Congratulations to all the winners! We hope you enjoy your PUBG Mobile UC! Speaking of which, SEAGM has PUBG Mobile UC in stock, so if you’re looking for some, you know where to go!

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