Unifi introduces affordable high speed internet plus upgrades

by Sammy Chan
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Local service provider Unifi introduces affordable high speed internet plus reveal plans for upgrades during their public announcement. This plan is reportedly below RM 100. Besides the price difference from the existing plan, the new plan will be offering broadband connection only. The existing 30Mbps plan currently comes bundled with a landline phone plus a Unifi TV package at RM 179.
Update: The new 30 Mbps plan is capped at 60 GB.

What’s next for Unifi?

Pre-bookings for this plan will be available from July 15 onwards via Unifi’s official website. Additionally, all existing unifi customers will be getting their speed upgraded via the ‘turbo’ plan. This upgrade is completely free and according to TM, customers will soon enjoy more than double the speed of their existing plan. For those who aren’t unifi subscribers, getting any of the existing unifi plans before December 31, 2018, will let you enjoy this benefit as well.
As for customers who are still using Streamyx, TM plans to upgrade their plans to Unifi. Of course, they have to be residing within the coverage area. This upgrade is available nationwide. From July 15 onwards, eligibility check will be available on their website.
Besides upgrading home internet, the company also plan to re-launch its ‘unlimited’ unifi mobile postpaid plan. Customers can enjoy unlimited data usage, calls and messaging with this plan – also available from July 15 onwards from their website and other outlets.

Will Malaysia finally have good quality internet?

As an existing unifi user, the biggest concern here is availability. This was a topic that TM did not touch on during their press conference. Affordable plans and upgraded package are great, yes. However, to really improve the country’s internet quality, an infrastructural upgrade is key here.
More often than not, when trying to upgrade to unifi customers are usually met with two common “roadblocks”. They either live in an area outside unifi’s coverage range or there isn’t an available port. Usually, the person behind the desk will tell you to send in a request for coverage if you encounter the first problem. This makes sense since they need to make sure there is a sufficient amount of demands. The second problem, though, is a little trickier. Their solution is to have you wait and this can take up to either a few weeks or if you’re unlucky, months. If TM truly wishes to improve the quality of internet in Malaysia on top of expanding its coverage, they have to work on installing more ports.
At any rate, getting better internet is always a plus for us gamers so let’s hope TM follow through with their aspiration to expand coverage of their service. We’ll keep you posted on any update regarding the entry-level plan once the official announcement hits on July 12.

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