Two Point Hospital Release Date Announced In Livestream

by Sammy Chan
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The Two Point Hospital release date is here! Earlier this year it was announced that a “Theme Hospital” remake was in the making followed by footage of its gameplay. The game was titled: Two Point Hospital, and based on the footage, it looked like a promising game with a loyal fanbase. And the reason why it’s called the “Theme Hospital” remake is because it is being developed by the creators of the original game — Mark Webley and Gary Carr.
The developers have been giving us vague clues of the release date, saying that it’ll be out by Autumn. Now, after 3 months, good news has arrived! The game will be arriving ahead of schedule. August 30 is the date to mark on your calendars!

New Trailer, Pre-sale And Demo Footage

The livestream started out with an adorable new trailer showcasing the world of Two Point County to promote the game’s pre-sale. The trailer revealed a resident of Two Point County that suffer from a whacky disease called “Cubism.” And the hospital attempted to cure him by throwing him into a machine that looks like a woodchipper. If I didn’t love the game before I’d love it now.

Screenshot from trailer

Screenshot from trailer

And there’s more crazy diseases to be found in the game. So not only are you able to build your hospital from the ground. You get to discover new and interesting diseases. Lauran and Craig, the hosts of the livestream showed us a little bit of how the game plays. There are various levels to playthrough as you progress in the game. So if you’re interested, you can check it out here.
At the moment, the game is available for pre-order on 10% discount on steam. But keep in mind that the 10% discount will only last to August 30. That’s right, get that date drilled into your head.

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