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Throughout the years, mobile gaming on iOS has evolved tremendously. From graphic intensive games to addictive matchmaking games that branched out to Esports professionalism. Mobile gaming as hit its peak with the acceptance and acceptability of the younger generation. Even today, NEW games are becoming even more popular within the mobile gaming community  such as Genshin Impact , Tower of Fantasy and many more.

Which is why here are Top 5 NEW games on the App Store that are slowly gaining popularity within the community.

Torchlight Infinite

If you’re used to playing classic Torchlight back on the PC , the mobile version will take you on another amazing journey. If you are unfamiliar with the series however, you are still in for a treat because not only is the game beginner friendly, it also has amazing visuals and addictive grind system. Torchlight Infinite is an online dungeon crawler  that you can explore with your friends and enjoy the loot together. If you also game on PC then this game definitely hits the spot as you can have your data cross saved on both platforms to enjoy the seamless experience. Would highly recommend you to try if you are familiar with game mechanics such as the Diablo series and Path of Exile.


Echocalypse is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi mobile strategy RPG. As an Awakener, you’ll lead the last hope of humanity, Kemono Girl Cases, onto adventures. Collect Mana from different factions, accumulate strength, liberate your little sister from her seal, uncover the truth of the world, and restore its order! Fight in the post-apocalyptic world with your kemono girl companions!

If you’re into collecting pretty anime girls that turn into chibi form in battle, then this game is a must try!! This JRPG although has gacha elements implemented, keeps you hooked with addictive gameplay on top of story rich lore. It is a mission based isometric battler where you send your chibi soldiers to battle for you. Personally, I find this game extremely addictive to be playing on Auto in the background and actively playing it while on the commute to destinations.

Post Knight 2

Become a Postknight in this casual adventure RPG. Fight through nasty enemy-infested trails and deliver goods to the adorable people of Prism!

Adventure through treacherous trails and deliver to vivid characters with their own passions and struggles. Develop special bonds and create lasting memories with the sweethearts of Prism. Become a part of this fantasy world as you quest and make the tiniest of differences to the people you meet and the places you travel to.

There aren’t a lot of mobile games that play well and comfortably in vertical orientation but Post Knight 2 takes the cake with this one, although a more awkward grip on your mobile but it will definitely be worth it.

Saiyan X Fight

Saiyan X Fight is a combination of Gacha and Turn-based combat which is based on the story of Dragon Ball with very popular characters: Goku, Gohan, Trunks, Bulma, Vigata. And these characters are divided into four categories: Evil, Justice, Universe, and Fusion. Saiyan X Fight is quite simple you just have a knowledge of how to organize the team and you have must good luck when the pack reaches the top.

If you’re into Dragon Ball or if you are a huge anime fan overall, you should give Saiyan X Fight a try!.  It is catered towards casual players who love to see animation of their favourite characters from the Dragon Ball Roster. It’s an auto battler RPG that takes you from mission to mission.

The Secret of Cat Island

Two adorable cats Nana and Muna were swept away by a huge tsunami in the middle of the ocean, and they opened their eyes on an unknown island empty-handed.

If you are into farming simulator games, The Secret of Cat Island hits the spot with adorable cats to play as as you build your village from scratch. You are able to customize and expand your own farm and town, which eventually unlocks more variety of plants, crops and other ingredients which can be used to cook dishes to feed the cat family.

Explore this cute and charming world of cat island as you unveil the story through completing quest in order to explore new islands and find out the secrets behind Cat Island.

2022 has been a good year for gaming, mobile game in particular has released many new games that you need to worry about your mobile phone space

So, which game are you going to try out first?

Also know that some of these games may require microtransaction for cosmetics.

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