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Razer Gold is excellent, not only does it allow you to get more in-game credits for your favorite titles. It also shares amazing goodies with you as its loyalty token.

To get any confusion out of the way, certain tokens need to be discussed for clarification which is Razer Gold and Razer Silver. Both have their own distinct functions but work in tandem.

We previously wrote an article on Razer Silver and why this Token is so good as a loyalty item. Razer Silver is offered as a subsidiary token for every Razer Gold token purchased. While Razer Gold may be a superior item in that sense, there are also major benefits of having Razer Silver.

With the ability to redeem goodies such as in-game credits and even physical Razer peripherals no wonder Razer Silver is highly valued.

That goes without saying that they encourage people to buy Razer Gold and to top it off, they even have numerous titles for gamers to choose from. Some of these picks are highly popular within the community.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends has always been an addictive battle royale shooter. Whether it is the dynamic playstyle of a battle royale. The ability to parkour around the map with smooth and natural controls. They know what they need to do in order to get their players to stay and even invite newer players into the scene. They do that paired together with their awesome cosmetic that makes favorite characters stand out more in the sense of fashion. There’s no doubt that Apex Legends have the most consistent amount of original content being released to this day.

Diablo Immortal

Now I know what you’re thinking, Diablo Immortal is a whaler’s game and what is it doing inside here? Well for one, I still think that Diablo Immortal has arguably the best graphics for an action RPG on mobile. The grind very much reminds me of nostalgic Diablo, but some would argue that the end-game content favors spenders in the game. While the grind can be addictive and fun as long you wouldn’t venture into PVP then Diablo Immortal can be your thing. But if you’re planning to go big on this game, at least you do it with Razer Gold, you reap the benefits of their promotions and redemption offers.

Torchlight Infinite

Torchlight Infinite can be considered the counterpart of Diablo Immortal, but as far as we’re concerned, it’s been getting some good light just because of how beginner-friendly the game is. With cartoonish animation and visuals, the game looks stunning.  You can also sync your account progress on both PC and mobile so if you’re into that kind of game with addictive grinding and solid performance, Torchlight Infinite doesn’t disappoint.

Genshin Impact

Without a doubt, Genshin Impact needs to be here. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy Genesis Crystals in-game. I’m saying that you should put yourself in a beneficial position if you want to spend. And the game encourages players to spend, with events to complete, new characters to obtain, new maps, and areas to explore. Genshin Impact just screams out content everywhere you go. It is one of the few gacha games that players are still spending their money on to this day.


What do you think? Are you thinking of Razer Gold as your go-to from now on when buying in-game credits? You should be, you cannot find any better elsewhere. At least now when you’re spending money in-game, you get decent ROI when you do it.

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